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All You Need to Know About LECHUZA Planters
For almost two decades LECHUZA self-watering planters  have inspired professional designers and gardeners with their functionality and design.
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How to Choose a Chiminea
Garden chimineas  are wonderfully decorative accessories for any garden and they can provide warmth for those days or evenings spent outside.
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Buying Guide to Plastic Planters
Plastic pots  and plastic garden troughs are great value for money, light-weight and durable containers, which makes them perfect for all indoor and outdoor areas.
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Buyers Guide to Trough Planters
Plants often thrive in a trough planter more so than when planted in the ground.
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Rules for Caring for Indoor Plants in Autumn
Autumn can be a testing season for taking care of plants as they struggle to adapt to erratic levels of heat, humidity and sunlight in our homes.
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Fiberstone Planters
Fiberstone – a Modern and Versatile Material for Planters
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Buyers Guide to Outdoor Planters
Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Plant Pots
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Buying Guide to Large Planters

Whether its large trough planters or tall pots, large plant pots can act as a bold feature in your interior or a focal point for your spaces.

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Buying Guide to Windowsill Planters

The windowsill planter box is an easy-to-fit decoration that can imbue a splash of colour and can make any home look like a photo, whether country house or a city apartment.

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Buying Guide to Self-Watering Planters
Self-watering planters are a convenient way to make sure your plants are looked after, while saving you time.
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Must-Have Garden Furniture
Your garden is most likely a space for relaxation and soaking up all that nature has to offer, and there is no doubt that you put a lot of hard work into making it look spectacular every year.
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Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer
if you want to try and restore your garden in time for the god weather, we have a few steps for you to follow to help you get your outdoor space ready for summer!
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The Best Outdoor Planters for Your Spring Garden
If you’re looking for the best way to improve your spring garden and ensure it looks great, you might want to consider using outdoor planters!
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The Most Popular Places for House Plants
House plants always look great in various rooms of your home, adding an element of nature and a splash of colour.
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How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring
If you want to create a beautiful garden in time for spring and summer, then you should start preparing your garden early.
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The Best Potted Plants for the Outdoors in Winter
There are plenty of plants that can survive the harshest of winters, you just have to do a little research!
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How to take care of your plants in February
Indoor plants are beginning to wake up from their winter rest. It's time to put them in order.
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Avoid these Common Mistakes when Caring for Your Indoor Houseplant
It’s important to know how to look after your plants so that they last, and so you can get the most out of them. We offer a few tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes.
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What Is A Self-Watering Planter?
Here we explain why self-watering planters are great, and explain just how they work so you can enjoy them for yourselves at home.
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How to Take Care of Your Plants in January
Plants should be watered less frequent and with a reduced amount of water per watering.
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