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How to make a hanging planter with rope?
If you love flowers then you want to refresh your home with them. Not always living space allows you to grow a lot of plants, but there is an excellent solution - hanging pots.
Dividers: How to Divide a Large Space Into zones, and Which Pots to Use
With the help of pots, you can effectively divide large spaces into functional zones.
Your First Plant Project for the Street? Where to Get Pots and What to Look for
Planters and plants for outdoor gardening
Your First Interior Plant Project? Where to Get Pots and Plants
To make sure that the client is satisfied with your work, we have collected a helpful guide on pots and plants.
What Materials are Best for Street Pots Intended for Long Term Use?
We will consider in more detail the most common materials and pots which you can find on our website
New to Buying Pots? A 2-Minute Guide to Flowerpots!
How does one choose not only the correct pot, but also the most stylish one? An assortment guide for you.
Japanese garden - basic elements of style
Traditional Japanese landscaped gardens are designed for peaceful, focused contemplation of the beauty of nature.
10 beautiful flowers for shade and partial shade
Want to organize an attractive flower garden, but your site is located in a place where the sun is a rare visitor?
7 Secrets of Container Gardening
We’re excited to share with you the small secrets of creating a beautiful, fragrant, stylish container garden.
15 front garden ideas
No doubt, a beautiful front garden is capable of transforming the look of your house.
10 great ideas for a small garden
“No Space” does not mean “No Ideas”! We will show you how to turn a small site into a delightful place to relax.
The Best Plants for a Cold Northern Room
Cold northern rooms are considered a rarity, but insufficient heating is more a bonus for growing plants than a disadvantage.
5 Best Plants for the Office
In the design of working classrooms, stereotypes such as cacti on the computers and plants in the window sills are long gone.
The Best Plants for a Small Kitchen
Kitchens with small areas turn out to be uniquely ideal for growing indoor plants
How to grow indoor lilies-of-the-valley
Touching and elegant, with a maddeningly unique fragrance, lilies-of-the-valley are the perfect option for those looking for plants that grow literally on their own.
TOP 14 unpretentious plants for your garden
If you want a garden buried in flowers which don’t need your close attention, it is worth considering plants that do not require special care.
How to choose flower pots and plants for your interior - Interview with an Interior Designer
Plants are becoming a popular way to make the interior of your apartment stylish and environmentally friendly.
How to Decorate Every Room for the Spring
It is a time to renew feelings and emotions, to purify your thoughts and your home.
Top 4 Summer Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Plants
Find inspiration ideas and choose new places for plants
Window Plants Ideas 2018
Fresh ideas about what to grow and how to make flower arrangements for your windows.

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