Authentic Valentine's Day gift ideas for plant fans

Authentic Valentine's Day gift ideas for plant fans


Valentine's Day is a special holiday when people show their love not only with words and actions, but also with original gifts. The suitable gift shows how well you know your loved one. This item will be a manifestation of your love, so it is important to carefully approach this choice. If your partner loves plants and flowers, then there are many authentic gifts that will definitely please him. This could be an exclusive planter on legs or a unique plant. But if these ideas seem boring to you, then we have found more unusual gifts that gardeners will like.

8 original gifts for flower growers

If you visit a flower shop, the first things you will notice are flowers and plants. But if your plant lover has this hobby, then he has many different plants and it will be really difficult to surprise him with a new type. We have selected 8 of the most interesting ideas for an amazing gift that definitely cannot be called primitive.

  1. Prepare the dish. This may seem trivial to you, but this is an interesting solution. Choose a recipe for your partner's favorite dish and try making it yourself. All you have to do is find special edible flowers and add them to the presentation of the dish. Decorate the plate with these flowers and it will create a more romantic atmosphere.
  2. Wall garden. This is a small stretch of durable crossbars where you can place small pots with plants. This is a very convenient gift if you have a small house and don’t have room for a potty. Simply hang this shelf and create a luxurious wall garden. The only negative is that such a garden has its own weight restrictions, but for small pots, for example, with greens or fresh herbs, this will be enough.
  3. Flower seeds. Of course, you can buy a ready-made plant and wait for it to bloom. You can also purchase an already flowering type where you don’t even need to wait for the flowering period. But this is banal and not interesting. Flowers in a pot are better than a bouquet, but they are not as original as seeds. Find unique flower seeds and grow a plant together. It could be red roses that are an expression of your love, dahlias that speak of devotion and beauty, or sunflowers that speak of fidelity and adoration. A packet of seeds may seem boring, but find a beautiful package and create a festive mood with a beautiful bow or bag.
  4. Flower press. You can find different sizes of such presses so that your loved one can keep every flower that you gave her. This is a great gift that will be useful for many years. You can also try it together, fry an additional bouquet of flowers and when they begin to fade, put them under the press. Such an original gift will help preserve your memories; simply hang the pressed plants on the wall or create a special album for them.
  5. Master class. Look at the poster in your city to find various master classes. Often, some gardening stores offer such classes for plant lovers. They may even be free. Attend such a master class together to make something beautiful and creative. Your loved one will love this idea because it is a great opportunity to have fun and learn something new.
  6. Photo on the pot. A flower pot can be an original gift if it is a creative model. A simple square or round pot may seem uninteresting, but there are companies that offer to put your photo on the cover of the pot. Take a photo that is very valuable to you and your partner, let it bring joy to both of you. If you don’t like the idea of a photo, then you can decorate the pot with your own hands by simply gluing pebbles, shells, ribbons, and so on onto it.
  7. Zen garden. This gift is ideal for those who love plants and work a lot. Give your loved one a Zen garden so he can meditate and relax simply by moving the sand with a small rake. This will be useful for calming and uplifting your mood. There are people who love plants and dream of having vegetable beds, but they don’t have their own garden. A miniature copy will help them realize their fantasies, even if it is a tabletop version with sand or a small bonsai.
  8. Aquarium with plants. This is a beautiful decoration for any home. The set contains various small plants, often cacti or succulents, so this aquarium is easy to maintain. If you have a small room, then this decor will be an excellent design element. You can also place such an aquarium on your office desk and always be in a good mood. The uniqueness of such a green aquarium is that there are only plants and not fish. You don't need to change the water, install a filter, or clean the glass. Just spray it and enjoy the beauty of your plants.

Give gifts with your soul if you want to please your partner. Valentine's Day is a special holiday that is filled with romance and love. Make this day bright and unforgettable by giving an authentic gift. If your partner loves plants, there are many original gifts that you can buy or make yourself. The main thing is that they are sincere and presented in a good mood.

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