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Pot Size Guide

Small - 18 litre

Flower pots up to 18 litres. These small pots are designed for shrubs and flowers. They are often used for the garden or the window, situable for a selection of small plants bedded together.

Medium - 40 litre

Floor planters for plants up to 40 litres. A perfect choice for those who need medium sizes statement pieces in interior and exterior. These units can be used to line the edge of the garden when a flowerbed is not available

Large - 107 litre

Large pots for large plants up to 107L. Ideal for trees and large shrubs to use at entrances with buxus balls. Large planters can also be used as balcony screens and situable for roof terraces.

Jumbo > 107 litres

More than 107L - The largest jumbo pots in excess of 107 litres. Use them for outdoor gardening to make an impression with its vast size. Ideal for the largest statement trees or can be used a gardening area filled with your favorite smaller planters.

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£11.62without VAT