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Pot Size Guide

1-3 litre

Flower pot from 1 to 3 liters. These are the most popular pots, due to their standard volume of 1 to 3 liters. Pots of this size are the perfect choice for decorating your interior, as they are neither too large nor too small. Small plants placed in these pots will have ample space for a long time to come.

4-5 litre

Flower pot 4 to 5 liters. A planter of this size is perfect for plants with long roots, as well as roses. Its depth allows long-rooted plants the space to make themselves comfortable.

10 litre

Flower pot 10 liters. 10-liter floor pots are suitable for small trees such as the Benjamin ficus.

15 litre

Flower pot 15 liters.These large pots are designed for trees, and are often used for the garden or the street. They are also suitable for large plants. A perfect choice for those who need large details in the interior

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