Safe and easy-care houseplants for kids' rooms

Safe and easy-care houseplants for kids' rooms


Many parents take a responsible approach to the decor of their children's room. They want it to be not only a beautiful and comfortable room where the child spends most of his time. They also want the room to be cozy so that the child likes to relax, play, study and do his business there. For this reason, positive paintings, posters of a favorite musical group, photographs of family and friends, and various figurines that were given for birthdays often hang in the children's room. And often there are plants in the children's room. This could be one small plant pot on legs or a row of planters on the windowsill.

What plants are ideal for a children's room?

When choosing plants for a room where a child is, it is important to pay attention first of all to safety. The pot must be stable or securely fastened (if it is, for example, a hanging model). Choose a place for the pot with your child so that he likes the plant and takes care of it with joy. Of course, you can water and spray the plants yourself, but instilling in your child a concern for nature is very important. It is better to choose unpretentious plants that do not require very scrupulous care. Then the child will like his green friend and will take care of his health and beauty. We have selected 12 of the best plants for a child's room that do not require careful care.

  • Christmas Cactus. This is one of the most unpretentious plants with minimal needs. Even if you or your child forgot to water it, the plant will not die. It does not need to be frequently sprayed or its leaves washed; this plant does not like to have its growing location changed or touched frequently. If it is comfortable, it will delight you with magnificent flowers.
  • Spathiphyllum. It looks luxurious and is low maintenance. The plant is ideal for a child's room, even if it is alone on the windowsill. It does not grow into a huge bush but has a lush crown so it will beautifully decorate the room.
  • Cacti. Many people love cacti and sometimes children choose them as their first plant to grow. It seems that nothing is simpler: it does not need to be watered often, change the soil, feed it or spray it. There are many types of cacti that bloom with gorgeous large flowers (but they rarely do this).
  • Boston Fern. This plant is very popular for growing in the home because it is an authentic decorative element to freshen up a room. You can’t go wrong when choosing it for a child’s room; it has no special care requirements, so even a child can water or spray it. If you give it more free space, it will become a luxurious, lush bush.
  • African Violet. Violets can grow in almost any conditions. Many plant lovers adore these flowers because they are delicate and beautiful. This can be a stunning decorative element for a child's room. The advantage of the plant is that it is small but produces many beautiful flowers. You can place the potty on the window or on your child’s desk so that he does his homework in a good mood.
  • Miniature Roses. These are dwarf types of roses that are grown indoors. They have certain care requirements, but it is not that difficult. This is a chic decorative element, especially when the plant begins to bloom. These roses can decorate a little girl's room because they are delicate, romantic and beautiful. Grow one type or try growing several pots of different varieties.
  • Lemon Balm. If it doesn’t matter to you what plant to grow in the children’s room, then combine pleasantness, beauty and benefit. Choose lemon balm, this plant looks very lush and luxurious but it also emits a subtle aroma that will fill the entire room. Tell your child how to care for his new plant and he will be pleased to take care of it on his own.
  • Hens and Chicks. Many parents choose these amazing plants to decorate their boy's room. Plants look not just unusual, but even futuristic. They are like living stones from a distant, unfamiliar planet, and your child will definitely like them if he loves science fiction. Caring for such plants is very simple; they prefer dry areas in their natural environment. If your child forgot to water it, then it’s okay - the plant won’t die.
  • Donkey's Tail. This cute plant can get quite bushy so give it plenty of room to grow comfortably. This cute plant looks very positive so it is a great mood lifter. Place it on your child's desk or find a place for it on the window. Study its care features, they are quite simple.
  • Polka dot Plant. These plants are distinguished by their bright leaves. If green plants seem monotonous and boring to you, then this species will definitely surprise you. Its lilac leaves are quite large, so it creates an unusual atmosphere of fantasy and magic. It is ideal for a children's room because it is easy to care for.
  • Wax Plant. If you like flowering plants then you can choose this. It looks quite simple - large green leaves, but its flowers are a stunning creation of nature. A bunch of flowers has several inflorescences, each of which looks like a small star. This stunning plant will delight all family members with its magnificent blooms if you care for it properly.
  • Lemon. You can grow this plant from seed if you have the patience. An adult plant does not require special care, the main thing for it is warmth and watering. Place a pot in your child's room and ask him to tend his own lemon tree. Grow it together and it will be fun. The motivation will be very cool - to get the desired fruits from the lemon tree (although at home it rarely bears fruit).
  • Your child's room should be bright and positive, so plants will be an excellent solution for the interior. Even for small rooms there are many beautiful plants and flowers that are undemanding and look very beautiful. When choosing plants for your child's room, make sure that it will not interfere with his activity. You can place the pot on the floor, but most likely it will tip over.

    Choose closed places: a window sill or bookcase shelves. Plants should bring comfort to the room and not interfere with the child’s play, morning exercises or homework.

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