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Pot feet and Coasters


If you find it difficult to move large pots, now you will have a handy plant caddies. Set your pot to full potting soil and you will notice a significant improvement. Now you do not need to pull or push heavy pots damaging the flooring. Our quality plant pot coasters have small, neat wheels that are almost invisible. These stylish models are perfect for any type of flower pots.

You don't even have to worry about the wrong shape of the planters; our pot feet have a universal shape. This is a great solution not only for indoor plants but also for outdoor flower pots. If you have a wood or plastic pot, then you rarely have difficulty moving these types. But if you have a huge stone or ceramic pot filled with soil, then it is better to add a rolling stand to it.

Plant pot coasters always make handling plant pots easier especially if you are changing the location of the plant (you can put it in the sun during the day and put the pots under a canopy when it rains). Planters on wheels make moving the pot easy and convenient.

Don't look with fear at your heavy duty in the garden, add plant caddies and move pots when you need to. Even if you are planning to create a patio area, a few large flower pots with plant caddies will add luxury and style there. But you can always move them to another place even if there is not a plant and an ornamental tree inside. Risers with wheels from the UK's leading manufacturer can be your lifesaver, especially if you prefer huge, chic flower planters.

The range has different pot feet for any flower pot design. Plant pot coasters are already being used by many growers who only like huge pots. Also caddy coaster will be a good solution if you decorate the area near the office where huge flowerpots are most often used. Pot feet have an internal recess so the pot will stand securely without shaking or tilting.