The best indoor plants for cafes and restaurants

The best indoor plants for cafes and restaurants


When visiting a cafe or restaurant, you want not only to have a delicious meal, but also to spend time in a comfortable and cozy environment. The owners of many of these establishments hire interior designers to create a pleasant and warm place that visitors will enjoy. Often, indoor plants are an important element of the interior. These can be not only huge planters for indoor plants, but also small hanging types or small pots on each table. This element creates a more open atmosphere so you feel calm and relaxed. More often than not, cafes and restaurants prefer a more homely environment rather than a too luxurious one, so plants are very important in this decision.

10 best plants for cafes and restaurants

When you visit such establishments, you want to sit in beautiful and cozy premises, enjoy food or chat with friends. The surrounding atmosphere should be friendly with pleasant music. If you see several plants, it will definitely bring a smile to your face. There are many plants that are ideal for restaurants or cafes. It is best to choose more picky indoor types that do not require careful care.

  1. Hoya Plant. Any premises will look more comfortable if you put several of these plants there. Its waxy oval leaves harmonize beautifully with the pretty clusters of color. Cafe visitors will not only enjoy the sight of this plant, but also feel its refined, delicate aroma.
  2. ZZ Plant. This plant is often chosen for decoration in small cafes. It is beautiful, elegant and easy to care for. It doesn't need much space, you can put it on the bar counter or on every table, it won't disturb visitors.
  3. Monstera. This plant looks stunning with its large, holey leaves. This one will look beautiful in an interior in a small or large size. The choice will depend on the size of your premises so that the flower pot does not interfere with visitors and waiters.
  4. A String of Pearls. This luxurious plant has a hanging type. These succulents don't take up much space because you can place the pots on shelves above tables or hang them fr om the ceiling and they will create a more magical atmosphere.
  5. Spider Plant. You've probably heard that such a plant purifies the air, so it is ideal for a small premises in your cafe or cozy restaurant. It looks luxurious due to its lush crown, but it is small and therefore convenient for growing. Place it on a shelf or a separate column and it will decorate the entire premises.
  6. Begonia. This plant is small but very impressive and luxurious. Its green leaves contrast beautifully with the large red flowers. Due to the fact that it is beautiful in itself, you don’t even need to look for an authentic pot for it. Even a simple clay brown type will suit him.
  7. Echeveria. These succulents look magical, as if they were plants from another planet. They are small and unpretentious, they do not need to be watered or sprayed often. An excellent solution for small cafes or home-style restaurants. Place several of these plants, choose different types and colors.
  8. Fiddle Leaf Fig. This plant does not require painstaking care and looks luxurious. Its large leaves burst upward as if from a volcano and it’s amazing. Its crown is not too lush, so it has enough space in a corner or on a table. It is often chosen for the decor of cafes and restaurants because it creates a more positive mood.
  9. Jade Plant. You can't go wrong if you choose Jade Plant for the interior of your cafe or restaurant. It looks very cute and unusual. This plant will be an excellent choice for decorating premises in an oriental or Asian style, but it will also perfectly refresh a cafe in a European format.
  10. Bromeliads. A gorgeous plant that combines green leaves and bright red flowers. It is quite bushy so make sure it has enough premises to grow comfortably. It is best to place the pot on the windowsill and not add neighbors. This plant is an excellent decorative element that does not require any additions.

These are the most popular plants that you can see in restaurants and cafes. They can be huge or small, hanging neatly from the ceiling, but they certainly enliven the premises and create a friendly environment wh ere you want to come. Show your hospitality to your visitors and create pleasant conditions for them to have a beautiful and delicious time.


You can grow any plants in your cafe or restaurant. Some owners install small shelves and grow greens or herbs to add to guests' meals. But if you want to grow more demanding plants such as orchids, then put someone in charge of your green area. Find someone among the staff who will regularly water or spray the plants. Also, their leaves should always be clean; a dusty plant does not create comfort and beauty. As the owner of a cafe or restaurant, you need to take care of more than just your customers and employees. Don’t forget about your plants if you decide to decorate your premises with them.

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