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How to build a vertical garden: succulent, vegetable and other
Many growers want to grow herbs or small plants such as succulents. It doesn't need a lot of space because you can choose a vertical garden. It is convenient and practical because you save space in the house. Such a stand can be made in the yard or in the house and you do not need to think about bulky flower pots and a place to place them...
How to make cement pots easily at home easily?
Many gardeners love to make flower pots with their own hands. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but homemade flower pots are fun and creative. You may choose any materials from cement to wood. Use your imagination and simple materials to create a real masterpiece.
How big is a 2 litre plant pot?
Plant lovers are always on the lookout for new flower pots. Plants grow and require more space. For this reason, you are looking for more beautiful, reliable and unusual options. Any plant wants more room for normal root growth and you are going to buy a new container.
How to plant roses in pots at home: care for flowers
Many people like to grow plants at home. They choose refined or unpretentious types that will make the atmosphere more warm and comfortable. There are many types of houseplants that are easy to care for and give you an amazing scent.
How to build a raised garden planter box with legs
If you are creating a comfortable and fertile garden then you will need tall planters. It will be more convenient to care for seedlings, herbs or flowers...
How to make a gabion planter?
The fashion for the gabion style is becoming more popular because it looks very unusual. This is a metal mesh filled with stones. The shape and size of the mesh may vary...
How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?
How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?
How to make a wood pallet planter box?
Pallets are a simple, cheap and affordable material for making flower planters. You can buy it in bulk and even find a few pieces for free in the market...
How to make a window sill planter box?
Many people dream of growing plants and flowers even if they don't have a balcony or garden. Your apartment may be small and you are looking for a way to find space for your green space...
LECHUZA`s Main Advantages
13 reasons why flower lovers, designers and decorators prefer LECHUZA self-watering planters
How to Clean Garden Pots and Planters?
Almost all potting materials are recyclable. Your plant has become larger and you buy a larger pot and put the old version in the pantry.
How to protect indoor wood planter box?
We want to make our home not only comfortable but also beautiful, so we choose modern flower planters that will perfectly decorate the interior.
How to make, build an indoor vertical planter box?
If you want to make your home cozy, then add plants and flowers. It creates a certain harmony and beauty to make you happy.
How to make wooden planters?
If you have a garden or yard then you are very lucky. You can create stunning décor items to make your outdoor area more comfortable, beautiful and cozy.
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