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These articles about shopping guides will help you to make right choice at Getpotted.com

Dividers: How to Divide a Large Space Into zones, and Which Pots to Use
With the help of pots, you can effectively divide large spaces into functional zones.
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Your First Interior Plant Project? Where to Get Pots and Plants
To make sure that the client is satisfied with your work, we have collected a helpful guide on pots and plants.
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What Materials are Best for Street Pots Intended for Long Term Use?
We will consider in more detail the most common materials and pots which you can find on our website
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New to Buying Pots? A 2-Minute Guide to Flowerpots!
How does one choose not only the correct pot, but also the most stylish one? An assortment guide for you.
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Tips and Ideas for Using Trough Planters
Everything you should know about choosing through planters.
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Getpotted.com Guide to Choosing Tall Planters
Tall planters  are particularly suitable for ficus, palm trees and other woody plants.
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How to Choose Large Polystone Planters
Large Polystone planters  have firmly established themselves as an increasingly popular choice among interior designers and homeowners.
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How to Choose a Large Indoor Planter and Plant for your Home
Large indoor planters  certainly make a statement in interior design.
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Which Pots Are Great for Winter
Winter doesn’t mean that you can’t have plants in your yard, but not all outdoor planters are robust enough to survive the winter if left outside.
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Buyer’s Guide for Cadix Planters
With Cadix pots you can get creative when designing a garden to service the specific needs of your space.
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Everything You Need to Know About Cocoon Tables
Nowadays we’re focussed on alfresco living and outdoor fireplaces play an essential role in this trend.
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Outdoor Heaters Buying Guide
If autumn evenings on the patio or in the yard suddenly start to feel like a no-go for spending enjoyable afternoons – why not invest in an outdoor heater.
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Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit
A fire pit  is a great way to get some use out of your outdoor space during the cold winter months.
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All You Need to Know about LECHUZA Planters
For almost two decades LECHUZA self-watering planters  have inspired professional designers and gardeners with their functionality and design.
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How to Choose a Chiminea
Garden chimineas  are wonderfully decorative accessories for any garden and they can provide warmth for those days or evenings spent outside.
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Plastic Planters Buying Guide
Plastic pots  and plastic garden troughs are great value for money, light-weight and durable containers, which makes them perfect for all indoor and outdoor areas.
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Trough Planters Buying Guide
Plants often thrive in a trough planter more so than when planted in the ground.
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Fiberstone Planters
Fiberstone – a Modern and Versatile Material for Planters
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Outdoor Planters Buying Guide
Outdoor planters can enhance your exterior by creating borders and adding privacy to your vicinity.
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