How to grow and care for spider plants

How to grow and care for spider plants


Many people who grow plants at home prefer to choose this type. The spider plant is unique and beautiful; its delicate curved moldings look very beautiful. The foliage is bright green and variegated white, so this plant creates a positive and warm atmosphere in the room. Spider plant is quite lush but has a medium size; any indoor plant pot will suit it. The authenticity of this type is that you can grow it as a tabletop or hanging plant.

An interesting fact is that this plant was in almost every home in Victorian families. Decorate your home and create a more positive and cozy mood in it. Even if you have a small space, you can find a place to hang several hanging pots of spider plants. The plant got its name because it looks like a cobweb that produces long shoots with small “spiders”. But there are also other names: spider ivy or airplane plant. Many flower growers are sure that it purifies the air in the room, so it is often chosen for workrooms, offices or children's rooms. But for the air to be purified you need more than 1 plant.

Planting Tips

This plant will like seven potting type soil with good drainage. The soil should not be too dry or too wet, keep an eye on the moisture level, it should be even. It is best to choose a location with indirect sunlight or moderate lighting. This plant is afraid of direct sunlight because it can burn its tender leaves. You’ll know that the lighting is incorrect if you see dry tips or spots on the leaves. There are other mandatory requirements for caring for this wonderful plant. Follow these rules to keep your plant bright and beautiful. Now let's look at each care item in more detail.


If you plan to grow such a plant outdoors, carefully choose a place for it. It likes partial shade but can also grow in strong shade (in which case it will be comfortable but they will not grow too actively). It is forbidden to place the spider plant in direct sun because the rays will harm the leaves by burning them. If the plant will grow indoors, then you also need to look for partial shade but on a bright window. It is best if the window faces the patio, the plant will have light but direct sunlight will not burn its leaves.


Spider plant is not picky in choosing soil, but the best solution would be to choose special soil at a flower shop. Look at the pH level, it is important that the indicator is neutral (a slightly acidic or slightly alkaline type is also suitable). Don’t forget about drainage; it is important for this plant that excess moisture comes out of the ground and the roots do not rot. If there is a high index of salts in the ground, the plant will react to this by turning the tips of its leaves brown.


As with caring for many plants, spider plants do not like soil that is too wet. Overwatering leads to root rot which will simply kill your plant. Such plants are very demanding of fluorine and chlorine present in water. If their level is high, the tops of the leaves will begin to darken. If you have the opportunity, prepare water for irrigation in advance. It's not difficult, use rain water or special water for indoor plants (distilled). The long thickened roots of the spider plant are quite fleshy, so they could retain moisture. The plant benefits from inconsistent and irregular watering; if it is infrequent, there will be no harm.


The plant will like fertilizer but in moderation. You can do this about 1 time per a month when there is the active season (it is spring and summer period). If there is too much fertilizer, the tips of the leaves will darken; if the fertilizer is scanty, the plant will grow slowly. It is best to purchase ready-made fertilizer. This can be an all-purpose type fertilizer or other water-soluble options. If you purchased such fertilizer in a store, carefully read the instructions, which indicate how to use it correctly so as not to harm the plant. You can adjust the amount of fertilizer yourself; it will depend on the growth of the plant.

Humidity and temperature

This plant loves warmth and humidity, so it will be comfortable at normal room temperature. It shouldn't be too cold so you can only grow it outside if you live in a warm climate. Spider plant does not like cold, so protect it from drafts in the room. Also make sure that the pot is kept away from the air conditioner. If the humidity will be too low, the tips of the leaves will begin to darken. To ensure that the humidity level is sufficient for the health of this plant, you should carry out regular spraying.


The plant needs energy to be healthy, but it also uses energy to maintain brown or dead leaves. Help your spider plant by cutting off such leaves when you notice them appearing. The major plant will benefit from pruning. If you will notice that the plant has become sparse, then it’s time to prune it.


When choosing a planter, make sure that it is one third larger than the root system of your spider plant. Add the loose mixture and make sure the planter has enough drainage holes. Typically, you can replant into a larger planter every 2-3 years. Look at the roots; if they begin to crawl out of the drainage holes, then it’s time to find a larger planter for the plant.

Winter period

It is best not to feed the plant during the winter. By nature, your spider plant falls into a half-asleep state, so it does not need bait. But it will still need watering and spraying. These plants, although dormant, are sensitive to spraying and watering.


If you notice that the foliage of your plant has begun to wither, it may have become a victim of pests. It can be not only aphids, but also spider mites or whiteflies. The most effective way to get rid of pests is to simply wash the plant with warm water. If this does not help, then purchase a special product - insecticide or neem oil.


Spider plant blooms very rarely, but some gardeners are sometimes lucky to see this event. To do this, you can add more light to the plant, but this is not guaranteed to produce flowers. If it blooms, it will be small white flowers.

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