Fun and functional kids` room decorating ideas

Fun and functional kids` room decorating ideas


The children's room is an important place for every child because he spends most of his time there. It's not just sleep and games; it's where he learns and has fun. He needs to feel safe and happy so it is important to pay special attention to this room. The space should be aesthetically designed where the child will feel your care. Even a small plant pot with legs, a painting or a box of toys will make the room more comfortable. The best designers have chosen the most suitable decor for children's rooms and we invite you to get to know them.

10 ideas for decorating a children's room

Your child begins to explore this world and should be surrounded by interesting and positive things. His room should be an island where he can realize any of his ideas and dreams. Only parents know what their children need, so they want to create the perfect room, emphasizing the individual character of their children. If your child has a passion for drawing, then the room must have a drawing corner and finished paintings hung on the walls. The children's room should have everything necessary to motivate the child and help him explore the world. Take a look at these kids’ room design ideas and maybe you'll find something useful for your space.

  1. The children's room should have as much sunlight as possible. This creates a positive atmosphere and is easier on the eyes when the child is doing his homework. Also choose more pastel colors for furniture; one wall can be bright (blue or pink is best).
  2. There is a certain style of children's room design called Earth from designer Aya G. This is not a specific design, it is a direction in which only non-toxic paints, environmentally friendly materials and even organic bedding are used.
  3. It will be positive if you choose unusual large patterns for wallpaper but in calm colors. This will create a more playful mood in the children's room. Just no bright patterns! There are many creative ideas for boys and girls.
  4. The style of the fairytale castle is gender neutral. You can create this design yourself by simply adding a canopy to the bed and placing it on a low platform. You can also add some authentic castle decor elements. These could be flower pots, lampshades or paintings with fairy-tale characters.
  5. Create an area with nature to develop the image. If the children's room allows for the size, then you can create a creative corner, for example, by installing an impromptu tent and a lush plant nearby. Add light bulbs and spend time reading books or telling stories together.
  6. You can create a graceful and bright space by adding layers of fluff or plush. Even a simple piece of plush bread will make the room feel warmer and cozier. Anything that is soft to the touch seems positive, so add a few of these elements. For example, it could be a blanket and a large soft toy.
  7. The entire room will belong to your child, but he would like it if there was an additional hidden corner in the room. You can put a small tent in the corner or create a wigwam to give your child some privacy.
  8. Think about a themed room with decorative elements in a certain style. Many designers recommend choosing natural, natural themes. For example, it could be an African safari. You can choose wallpapers with desert and African landscapes. Place toys in the form of giraffes, elephants, or monkeys.
  9. Pay attention to the correct layout of the beds, especially if you have several children. The best solution for compactness and convenience of children would be bunk beds. Make sure all parts are securely fastened.
  10. Choose a wall in the room to paint with your child. This is a great solution for creative people because the child is developing. Let there be a drawing of him on the wall, even if it is something incomprehensible.

Discuss any ideas for decorating a children's room with your child. Help him and tell him what ideas he would like to implement, what he likes, what interests him. Buy design elements together so that he likes the atmosphere in his personal space. Many parents make a choice on their own and then find that their children don't want to spend time in their room, they run into the living room or kitchen because their room doesn't make them happy or safe.

Useful tips for children's room design

Perhaps you were inspired by these ideas and decided to create a special interior in your child’s room. There are certain points that will help you organize this space correctly. Pay attention to the following tips to make your children's room beautiful and comfortable.

  • The child's room should be as safe as possible. Make sure all decorative items and furniture are securely fastened. No heavy objects should fall from the shelves or chest of drawers.
  • The layout should not only be bright and positive, but also functional. The room should have an area for relaxation, games and study. Even the smallest room can be divided into small sections.
  • The room should reflect the individuality of each child. Add his favorite colors, designs, posters and other decorative items. For example, if he loves space, then a room with stars, planets or a bed in the shape of a rocket will suit him.
  • Discuss the design of the room with your child, he may also want to take part in its decoration. This will be useful because you will be able to realize his ideas and dreams so that he feels comfortable in his personal space. This will also help him always keep his personal room tidy.
  • The choice of colors is very important, especially for bedding, wallpaper, and furniture. It is best to choose calm, light shades; bright tones can be aggressive, too dark – depressive.

If your child is lucky and has his own room, then your task is to make this place as pleasant, safe, cozy and comfortable as possible. Our simple tips and design ideas will help you create an amazing room that your child will definitely love. Surprise and delight him by providing him with a magical place to study, relax and have fun. Study design catalogs or come up with your own authentic style that will be unique and inimitable.

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