Bathroom houseplants that thrive in high humidity

Bathroom houseplants that thrive in high humidity


If you plan to grow certain plants in the bathroom, then you need to choose types whose natural habitat is the subtropics. Such plants can grow without problems in rooms with high humidity and low light. But for such plants it is not enough to simply choose a suitable indoor flower pot; it is also important to take into account the peculiarities of care and its needs for moisture, sunlight and fertilizing. You understand that there is a room without light, so a plant that loves sunlight will not develop there. Without proper watering and spraying, it will quickly die. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 plants that are perfect for growing in the bathroom.

Top 10 indoor plants for bathroom

You are very lucky if your room has even a small window. In this case, the list of plants would be much larger. But most often the bathroom is a room without a window and the light turns on several times a day. That's why we chose plants that require rare lighting and are not afraid of the high humidity that fills the room when you take a shower. When choosing plants for your bathroom, it is important to consider the size of your space and find a suitable location for it.

  1. Aloe Vera. This plant grows well in high humidity conditions. Its great advantage is that such conditions are ideal even for its flowering. You don't need to choose a special type of soil or change the pot often; aloe can grow in the same pot for many years.
  2. Dracaena. All types of this plant do not like direct sunlight, so a bathroom will become a comfortable habitat for them. If you want your dracaena to grow healthy, then a room with a high level of humidity is the best solution.
  3. Bamboo. Many bathroom designers recommend this particular herb because it looks very stylish and does not require careful maintenance. For his comfortable development, a tall pot or even a tall container with water is enough for him. You can take any container and fill it with decorative stones or pebbles to make the plant stand stable.
  4. Orchids. Many people do not dare to grow orchids even in a room with suitable conditions and they do not think about the fact that these flowers will be comfortable in the bathroom. They grow well in a humid environment, similar to their natural environment - the tropics. They have a special ability - to collect moisture and air. Some types of these plants grow even without soil; in natural conditions they simply spread their stems along the tree trunk.
  5. Fern. If you like this plant, then take it from the room to the bathroom and you will notice how much it likes it there. It prefers dim light and high humidity levels, so it will be beautiful in the bathroom. But you should take into account the fact that if the fern is comfortable, it will begin to grow more actively and its crown will be too lush.
  6. Selaginella. One of the most excellent solutions for the bathroom because this plant does not like sunlight. In its natural environment, it develops better at dusk. It looks very compact and stylish, it is a miniature flower. An interesting solution if its leaves are shaped like a ball.
  7. Calathea. This plant needs a spacious room and low lighting, so a bathroom is perfect for it. It is important to consider that this flower is quite tall and has a spreading shape. Most often, pots with this plant are placed on the floor. One feature in care is the plant’s soil requirements. It also needs regular feeding; it is better to find a mixture with minerals.
  8. Helxine. This plant is ideal for growing in hanging pots. It is important to water it abundantly and sometimes spray it, although in the bathroom these procedures will be replaced by high humidity. It doesn't need bright light, artificial lighting is enough.
  9. Chlorophytum. If you like long narrow leaves and have a medium tall pot, this plant is suitable for growing in the bathroom. Its peculiarity is that it absorbs dust and harmful substances from the air. In return, it provides more oxygen, which is sometimes lacking in poorly ventilated or enclosed spaces.
  10. Sansevieria. This plant is not picky about the nutritional value of the soil, but is extremely demanding regarding its moisture. Place the pot in the bathroom and the plant will grow comfortably. For its rapid growth, it does not need a lot of light. If there is a lot of light, its leaves will begin to turn woody, so the bathroom will be a good solution. If you are lucky, your Sansevieria will bloom and show you its arrow with small white buds with a delicate aroma.

Each bathroom plant needs special care, even if it is unpretentious in terms of lighting, watering, soil composition, spraying or humidity. You don't have to put a plant in the bathroom and forget about it. For its healthy and beautiful growth, give it at least a little time and it will thank you with its beauty.

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