How to make planters on legs last longer: care and maintenance tips

How to make planters on legs last longer: care and maintenance tips


Many interior designers prefer to install indoor planters on legs, but simple gardeners also use such pots because they are beautiful and convenient. Manufacturers of these types of pots create stunning designs that are ideal for almost any interior style. They can come in different sizes, shapes and colors, their specific feature being their legs. These can be tall types with three legs, or small tabletop types with 4 legs. The range is huge so you are sure to find something unique for your home.

3 benefits of pots with legs

If you have chosen such pots for your home, then this is a good decision. You get not just a stylish pot, but also a convenient option for indoor use. The advantages of these types of pots are the following:

  1. An outdoor or indoor pot on legs is easy to move. Especially if the pot is in your house and you are cleaning. You don't need to lift it to clean the floor.
  2. Your plant will thank you because it will be easier for it to get rid of excess moisture. Of course, you need to think about where the water fr om the pot will drain so that it does not create puddles on the floor. But for an outdoor potty with legs, this is an excellent solution. Water will come out of the drainage hole and fall into the soil.
  3. You can change the decor. There are models wh ere the legs are separated fr om the pot so you can change the models of flower pots. If your pot has metal legs, you can paint them a different color.

By purchasing such flower pots you will see their advantages. They are resilient especially when you add plant and soil. This choice would be ideal especially for tall plants or even ornamental trees. It will be convenient for you to care for your plant if it is slightly raised above the floor.

How to care for and maintain a pot on legs

Many gardeners think that the pot just sits there and does not require care or maintenance. But this is not true; with proper care, such pots will last you longer. Rarely are pots with legs made of plastic or wood; most often they are clay, ceramics or fiberstone. If we consider clay pots for the street, they need special care. A common problem is dust, which can be easily removed with a dry brush. You can carefully remove stubborn dirt with a sponge or a stiff-bristled brush, but keep in mind that strong pressure may leave scratches on such a pot.

If you purchased pots with legs for your room and don't have carpets, you'll want to protect your flooring from scratches. When you move the pot, its legs can scratch the floor, so you need to come up with something soft and smooth to use as tips for the legs. Usually these are silicone tips that you can buy at a specialty store. Just pull this over the legs and the pot will not harm the surface, be it linoleum or tile.

If you purchased a wooden container with legs, it needs additional protection. Often such material is already coated with a special varnish to protect it from destruction or wood pests. But additional coverage will not be superfluous, especially if you plan to keep such a pot outside. It’s better to find a special product that you need to cover the entire pot, this will significantly extend its service life, protect it from corrosion and temperature changes.

Take care of your pots so that your plants are comfortable. It's best to extend the life of each pot because your plant will grow into a larger model. The pot will remain for the next green resident. With proper care, you will not need to think about wh ere to buy a new pot when you need it. Pots on legs are classics that can decorate your home for many years. Take care not only of your plants, but also of the containers that serve as their home for years.

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