17 heart-shaped plants to fill your home with love

17 heart-shaped plants to fill your home with love

<p>If you want to fill your home with comfort, beauty and create a more romantic mood, then make
a stunning plant with heart-shaped leaves the centerpiece of your interior. It looks very cute and
romantic. The plant gives you its beauty and expresses love with every leaf. Choose a suitable
pot, it can be any model you like. Even a classic <a href="/planters/indoor-on-legs/">planter with legs</a> will make the atmosphere in
your home more positive if you grow heart-shaped plants.</p>

<h2>17 charming heart-shaped plants</h2>

<p>There are stunning plants with heart-shaped leaves. Some of them are suitable for outdoor
growing, while others are an excellent solution for growing indoors. We have selected the most
popular plants with such a romantic leaf shape so that you can enjoy them in your home,
apartment or even office. You might like a particular plant or grow a group of them. Such
authentic plants with beautiful leaves can not only decorate your home but also become a good
gift for your loved ones.</p>

<li>Anthurium. This luxurious plant looks magnificent with or without flowers. Its large
leaves are heart-shaped and have a shiny, glossy appearance. If it blooms, its red or
white large flowers will stunningly complement the green leaves. This plant would be an
ideal gift for a loved one or a first plant for novice gardeners.</li>
<li>Heart-Shaped Hoya. You can choose different types of this plant, but its small leaves
will always be heart-shaped. This is a very cute and delicate plant that will decorate any
home. Thanks to its small size, you can place the potty in the office and always smile
while remembering your loved one.</li>
<li>Heart-Leaf Philodendron. A beautiful stylish plant for any interior. It is ideal for those
new to growing indoor plants. Please note that its stems can be quite long so provide it
with enough space to grow comfortably.</li>
<li>Pothos. This plant is a little similar to the previous one, but its stems are thinner and it
does not grow as long. It is an excellent decorative element if you want to freshen up the
room but don’t want to pay a lot of attention to caring for the plant.</li>
<li>Cyclamen. In many countries, it is customary to give this plant as a Christmas gift
because it brings happiness and good luck to the home. You can grow it indoors in a
medium pot, it rarely grows huge. Water it properly and it will brighten up any room or
office space.</li>
<li>String of Hearts Plant. Many gardeners like this plant because it is small and very
branched. Its stems are densely woven and resemble a beard, and the leaves are very
small and heart-shaped. It is quite capricious in watering and spraying. If you plan to
grow this species, read the care requirements.</li>
<li>Monstera. This plant looks very impressive with its heart-shaped, holey leaves. You will
like this solution because Monstera is ideal for any interior. Often, this is used as decor
in cafes or restaurants to give the interior more warmth and comfort but at the same time
emphasize its luxury.</li>
<li>Foxglove Tree. Many gardeners like this plant not only because of the shape of its
leaves but also because of its unusual flowers (most often lavender or purple). Flowers
exude a subtle delicate aroma and the plant decorates any room. You will be pleased
with this choice.</li>
<li>Dutchman's Pipe. If you need to decorate a pole or column in your home, then this
plant will be a good solution. It has small heart-shaped leaves, grows quickly and will
hug a column beautifully.</li>
<li>Caladium. This plant will bring color to any room because its leaves are multi-colored
(white, crimson, all shades of green). You will love the way it brightens up the room with
its energy and beauty. Water it regularly because it loves moisture.</li>
<li>Hostas. You cannot forget about this plant because its large heart-shaped leaves will
captivate you at first sight. You often find such a plant in the garden; it is comfortable in
the warm season, and sleeps in winter. You planted it once and enjoy its lushness and
luxury year after year. Please note that it is not too tall but very fluffy so it should have
enough space for free growth.</li>
<li>Katsura. It's not a plant, it's a tree, but there are dwarf types that you can grow in a
small garden or even in your home. Its small heart-shaped leaves look delicate and cute.</li>
<li>Elephant Ears. We wanted to discuss only indoor plants, although this species is more
often grown outdoors. But there are plant lovers with large rooms who place a pot of
Elephant Ears inside the house. The plant looks very cool thanks to its huge elongated
heart-shaped leaves.</li>
<li>Variegated Butterbur. If you have a small room and want to freshen up the room a little,
choose this plant. It is beautiful, delicate and small, so it only needs a little space on a
window or table.</li>
<li>Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss. A beautiful, sophisticated plant that will become a
stunning decorative element. It grows very slowly so the young plant does not take up
much space. He will like a place by the window but with a little darkness.</li>
<li>Bicolor Barrenroot. This plant surprises with its leaf color, which is not the usual green
but red with bright light green veins. If you are a creative person, you will love the
appearance of this amazing plant. You can also give it to your loved ones or colleagues;
it perfectly decorates even the most drab and dull room.</li>
<li>Morning glory. This beautiful plant is grown from seeds. If it is warm and comfortable, it
will reward you with its magnificent flowers. Choose different varieties to see different
colored blooms. You will definitely like the shape of its leaves, which perfectly imitates a

<p>We also forgot to mention one of the most favorite plants for many gardeners - Common Lilacs.
You often see this plant in the yard, but you can also grow it in a pot. Of course, it will need
more space to become a beautiful bush and produce many flowers. Imagine the aroma that will
be in your home when it starts to bloom. Common Lilacs love good light and fresh air so they
are ideal for the garden. But with proper care, you can give it the necessary conditions inside
the house.</p>
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