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«If there are plants in your home, it becomes more snug and warm»
Catherine Anderson shares her experience about planting.
«Flowers have a favorable effect on the home: they inspire feelings and help to let off steam»
The ins and outs of house planting, as well as its’ benefits are discussed in this conversation with Maria Gilmore, a florist from Farnborough.
«The joy of planting for me is to see my flowers blossoming, even those that I thought were not flowering»
We asked Janice Page from Cambridge to share with our readers her secrets for house planting.
«I liked my green garden, so we decided to join our balcony with the kitchen and let plants be always there»
An interview with Emma Miers about choosing plants, their role in the home and the joy of planting
How to choose flower pots and plants for your interior - Interview with an Interior Designer
Plants are becoming a popular way to make the interior of your apartment stylish and environmentally friendly.
6 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Country House
Christmas is a time to adorn your living room, entryway, or even your kitchen, as well as the outdoor spaces. The front porch is your guest's first impression when visiting you so make sure it offers a festive touch during the holidays.
6 Stylish Christmas Table Decoration Ideas
Nothing is more important on Christmas Eve than the centre table, that’s why we’re offering you our fresh Christmas home decor ideas.
How to make a hanging planter with rope?
If you love flowers then you want to refresh your home with them. Not always living space allows you to grow a lot of plants, but there is an excellent solution - hanging pots.
Tips for choosing plants
7 tips for choosing houseplants
6 Signs That It's Time to Repot Your Plant
Do you know if your plant needs repotted? Get the answers here!
How To Take Care of Your Houseplants in Winter!
Cold weather can cause damage to your houseplants in ways that you couldn’t even imagine, and winter is one of the easiest times of year to kill your houseplants.
How to colour plastic pots for flowers?
Flower pots decorate our homes as well as the plants inside them. We choose them based on interior design or personal taste.
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