From retro to modern: complementing home decors  with planters on legs

From retro to modern: complementing home decors with planters on legs


If you have a desire to purchase flower pots with plants, then you need to make the right choice taking into account the style of your interior. It is important that the pots become an extension of your interior and stylishly complement each room. Among the large assortment of flower pots, it is quite difficult for you to make a choice. But if you decided on indoor planters on legs, then we will tell you which models are best to choose for a certain interior style.

Useful tips on how to choose the right pots

By following these simple points you can create a stunning atmosphere in your home. Flower pots are an ideal decorative element if you choose the right color, size, shape and of course the plant.

  • The safest option is to choose one color for all flower pots. Choose universal colors - gray, white or black. If you want rebellious chaos, you can choose multi-colored models, but it will look too clumsy. Still, we decided to talk about a stylish interior.
  • If you decide to choose pots of different shades, then pay attention to the shape. This should be uniform, that is, one form for all the pots in the room. It is best to choose classic shapes without various frills (square, oval, round).
  • One plant may be enough for you. Any interior will become fresher and more comfortable if you place a living plant. A single large plant in a luxurious pot can be a vibrant green accent. For such an accent, it is better to find a plant with large and succulent leaves. If you want to make an accent with a floral arrangement, then it is better to choose plants with different leaf shapes or, conversely, with the same shape. But the pots should all be in the same style.
  • There is a little secret for pots to perfectly complement your interior. You need to choose a pattern of pots that is in your interior. You can find the continuation in materials, lines, shapes or patterns. These can be concrete planters in an urban interior, planters in metal stands for a loft style, flower pots to match the color of the curtains, and so on.
  • If you want to do zoning, then create a “living” partition. Here you are better off choosing a partition about a meter wide with a solid and stylish flowerpot. If you want a large-scale option with many plants, then take pots of the same shape and color.

It is important not to forget about the plant. If you choose them only for decoration, then take the time to study the “character” of the selected plants so that your stylish exotic does not wither and die after a couple of months in an expensive pot, for example, from lack of light or poor watering.

Pots on legs as decor for any interior

If you prefer flower pots with legs, then this is an ideal choice for any interior. Everything will depend on the material, shape and design to perfectly complement your room. Minimalism has always been fashionable because one medium pot on a leg with a lush plant perfectly complements and refreshes the room. It is better to adhere to the same selection criteria as we described above - a solid color and a classic shape.

Footed pots are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. The main advantage is simplified movement of the plant and more convenient care. Place this pot on the floor and it will be easier for you to clean the area around the plant. Pots with legs also protect the plant from pets and children. There are large and medium pots with legs for the floor, but there are also cute little options for a table or windowsill. It all depends on the size and shape of the plant that will grow in such a pot. There is no need to take a pot with long legs if you want to grow a long ficus.

When choosing such pots for a specific interior style, there are some useful tips:

  • The interior in the Scandi style includes light colors of pots. It would be better if they were white round models; for them you can purchase legs separately as an independent stand.
  • The Loft style is made up of natural materials, such as untreated clay, concrete or metal. You can buy such pots or imitations of such materials. Colors are grey, brown or black.
  • The “Country” style is natural, so it is better to choose wooden pots with wooden or metal legs. It is best to take medium-sized legs so that such pots beautifully complement the wooden furniture in the room.
  • A room in the “Classicism” style is, first of all, luxury and prosperity. It is not a separate interior style, but a combination of several. They include Greek, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire, and Art Nouveau. Here it is better to find magnificent pots, for example, in the form of antique vases. The colors should not be bright, but rather calm, pastel shades.

Not all people decorate their home in a certain style; most often it is a mix. Therefore, choosing a pot is your personal preference based on your requirements. Many creative individuals prefer to paint pots themselves and make stands for them at home. Try and experiment to make your home beautiful and cozy.

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