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How to build a raised garden planter box with legs
If you are creating a comfortable and fertile garden then you will need tall planters. It will be more convenient to care for seedlings, herbs or flowers...
How to make a gabion planter?
The fashion for the gabion style is becoming more popular because it looks very unusual. This is a metal mesh filled with stones. The shape and size of the mesh may vary...
How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?
How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?
How to make a wood pallet planter box?
Pallets are a simple, cheap and affordable material for making flower planters. You can buy it in bulk and even find a few pieces for free in the market...
How to make a window sill planter box?
Many people dream of growing plants and flowers even if they don't have a balcony or garden. Your apartment may be small and you are looking for a way to find space for your green space...
Flower Shows 2017
Find 2017 gardening & flower shows in the UK!
The Best Potted Plants for the Outdoors in Winter
There are plenty of plants that can survive the harshest of winters, you just have to do a little research!
The Most Popular Places for House Plants
House plants always look great in various rooms of your home, adding an element of nature and a splash of colour.
Flowers to Plant in Spring
In the spring, garden beds are filled with both perennial and annual species of plants, gaining color in the period from April to May.
Top 4 Summer Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Plants
Find inspiration ideas and choose new places for plants
How to Decorate Every Room for the Spring
It is a time to renew feelings and emotions, to purify your thoughts and your home.
The Best Plants for a Small Kitchen
Kitchens with small areas turn out to be uniquely ideal for growing indoor plants
5 Best Plants for the Office
In the design of working classrooms, stereotypes such as cacti on the computers and plants in the window sills are long gone.
Japanese garden - basic elements of style
Traditional Japanese landscaped gardens are designed for peaceful, focused contemplation of the beauty of nature.
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