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For the last 4 years Getpotted.com become an iconic online shopping destination. Here you can make your home and garden cozier and more stylish through affordable planters and plants.
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Our Story
You can make your home and garden cozier and more stylish with affordable planters and luscious plants.

You can contact us if:

  • You need help to stylishly decorate your home or garden in a modern, heritage or Asian style
  • You need help decorating a public space such as your office or salon
  • You are engaged in gardening and want the perfect planters or plants for your project

Despite our national scale, we maintain a friendly approach to our employees and customers. We are all one big family and we’re all eager to help you choose the perfect plants and planters.
Our goal in 2022:

  • To provide residential buyers the opportunity to decorate their home with pots and plants they can’t buy anywhere else at the best price.
  • To give trade and commercial buyers the scope to make profitable revenue on planters and pot with competitive trade prices and all elements being serviced under one roof. We are a one stop shop for all traders.
A true family-run company that runs on its own money and prides itself on creating jobs in the UK.

We were faced with a challenge - how do we reach our goal of 100,000 website visitors per month?

For the first 2 years, we actively improved the site, the quality of service and delivery, and expanded our range of planters. We are very grateful to our team which worked around the clock to push us closer to our goal. Positive reviews began to pour in and we were able to make relationships with our customers.

Thanks to your support, we developed our own brand of planters, IDEALIST, and became the official representative of the world-famous innovative planter brand LECHUZA in the UK.

There are no faceless investment funds behind Getpotted.com, it's a true family-run company that runs on its own money and prides itself on creating jobs in the UK.

What have we become now? You can find out on our website.

Three things you need to know about Getpotted.com
  1. One of the main fast-growing e-commerce retailers in garden industry
  2. Local business with office and warehouse in the UK
  3. We know key drivers and market opportunities in the UK Market
For us, responsibility is not just a word.

How do we put it all into practice?

  • All our suppliers are vetted and follow strict international rules of production which are certified by international organisations.
  • We use secure website pages and encrypt your data.
  • We carefully pack and ship goods in the minimum amount of packaging.
  • We provide the tracking number of the order and control the delivery of the goods.
  • We provide instructions for using our pots and caring for our plants.
  • We provide longer terms of return, exchange and warranty for a number of planter brands.
  • Our workplace is free of discrimination and all our employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion, get paid above the minimum wage.
  • We regularly support charitable foundations by conducting frequent promotions on the site.

If these principles are important to you, choose Getpotted.com!

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