How to grow and care for ZZ plants

How to grow and care for ZZ plants


This plant also has a name - money tree. People believe that growing ZZ plant at home increases income and improves the financial situation of the family. Perhaps this is true. But provided that the plant is healthy and receives proper care. If you like to grow plants for aesthetic pleasure then this would be a great choice. ZZ plant rarely blooms at home, but if you are lucky enough to see it, you will be able to enjoy a long thick stem with a lush white flower. If we talk about care, this is an unpretentious plant, just learn the simple rules and choose a suitable indoor planter according to the size of the roots.

Selecting a location

The natural habitat of ZZ plant is the semi-desert of Africa, so this plant is heat-loving. Choose the south side of the house for it; the window sill should be well lit. But it will also feel good in partial shade if you place it on a windowsill on the west or east side. In summer, when the temperature rises above 12 degrees, you can place ZZ plant on the veranda, terrace or balcony. It can also grow in a greenhouse. Its optimal temperature for growing is 20-26 degrees.

Pot and soil

This wonderful plant has a fairly large root system so it needs a large pot. Your best bet is to choose the taller plastic option. Replanting is done once every 2 years, look at the roots, if you see that the tips of the roots are coming out of the drainage hole, then it’s time to prepare a larger pot. It is best for the new pot to be 2-3 cm larger in diameter. If the pot is too large, the growth of the ZZ plant will stop until the plant gets used to the new size. It will not be difficult for you to choose a suitable soil; find a ready-made soil mixture for cacti or decorative foliage plants.


ZZ plant is drought tolerant so you won't have to water it often. Its peculiarity is that it has a semi-underground stem where it stores moisture and therefore survives periods of drought well in desert areas. Watering too much can even kill the plant, especially if you water it with cold water. If it does not receive enough moisture, its lower leaves will begin to turn yellow and fall off. If you see such a symptom, then increase the watering a little. Make sure the soil does not dry out and add a little water when needed. Fill a bottle of water so that it stands and is at room temperature. Don't forget about drainage so that excess water comes out of the pot. ZZ plant is not picky about humidity levels; a regular apartment level will be sufficient.

Pruning and replanting

This plant grows very slowly but sometimes it also needs to be pruned. It usually grows only 2 or 3 leaves per year. Remove old leaves so that young ones get more light. ZZ plant does not need regular spraying; it feels comfortable without this procedure. Transplantation of this plant is carried out in early spring, between March and April. If you have a young plant, then replanting is done once a year or 2, if it is an adult type, then once every 3 or even 4 years.


Any plant will be healthy and beautiful if it receives the required amount of minerals and beneficial microelements. ZZ plant is no exception; its root system needs feeding. This could be fertilizer for cacti, which you can find in almost any flower shop. Make sure it contains enough potassium and phosphorus that your plant needs. It is important that the nitrogen content of the fertilizer is low. You can add this fertilizer once every 3 or 4 weeks. But there are also universal types of fertilizers for indoor plants. You can also use them but give them to the plant in 2 times smaller doses.

Pests and diseases

This plant is often grown in home gardeners because it is resistant to diseases and pests. If problems occur, they are associated with flooding and root rot. We have already said that you will see this problem when the leaves begin to turn yellow and lose their tone. If this happens, help your plant not to die. There are certain preparations that you may water the roots with, they will help the root system recover faster.

Is it possible to give ZZ plant as a gift?

Experienced flower growers say that such a plant can be chosen as a gift, but only for the adult type. You can’t give shoots from your plant because there is a belief that you will give your well- being and wealth to another person. There is also an opinion that such a plant is the reason for celibacy for a woman. This appeared because the plant blooms rarely, at 6 or even 8 years of life. Therefore, until an unmarried woman sees the ZZ plant blooming, she will not meet her future husband. If you don't believe in superstitions, then you can choose this plant to present to your friends or colleagues.

What does it mean when a ZZ plant blooms?

We have already said that there are many superstitions associated with the flowering of this plant. In general, opinions are divided, some consider this a bad sign, while other people admire this period and call it positive. Probably, it all depends on your personal opinion. Only you can decide how you feel about the fact that your plant has finally bloomed after 8 long years. Its flower looks luxurious and magnificent, so there is nothing dangerous in its flowering for the atmosphere in the house. It is better for you to have a positive attitude towards this, for example, to hold the opinion that this will simply lead to better changes in your life.

Is it true that ZZ plant is toxic?

Some people do not want to grow this plant indoors because they consider it toxic and dangerous. We can say for sure that it is safe if you do not extract the juice from the leaves and trunk. It is important to carry out transplantation with gloves so that the juice does not get on your hands. The juice of this plant is truly toxic and can cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. If all rules are followed, this plant is safe. Although not all people decide to buy it for their home if there are small children or pets.

This is a very beautiful plant that will decorate not only your home but also your office. It is unpretentious in care, humidity and watering, so you can go on vacation and not be afraid that your plant will die.

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