How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?

How to make a large concrete planter pot, box?

Step-by-step guide to creating a concrete flower pot

First you need to select the shapes. This can be a bucket or plastic containers. One shape should be smaller than the other. This is important because the difference in size will be the thickness of your future concrete pot. Ideally, if the difference is at least 5 cm. The thickness cannot be less because the walls of the pot will be fragile. For the mold, you can use old pots, stainless steel containers, glass containers, cardboard boxes, and so on.

Now you need to mix concrete with water. This is usually the standard proportion: 1 part concrete and 2 parts water. Some people make this mixture more creative by adding small seashells, glass beads, and small pieces of broken crockery.

This is necessary so that later you can get the finished product. And its walls didn't stick to the mold. Now you need to pour the mortar with concrete to the bottom and wait until it hardens. This is the bottom of your pot, so it's important to wait a bit. After that, you can put a smaller form in a large one, having previously greased the walls with oil or paraffin. Pour the remaining concrete into the hole between the molds.

The second form must be made stable so that the concrete cures correctly. If it is a sealed container, then you can pour water. If it is cardboard then use a stone. Wait for the concrete mixture to harden completely. This is about 2-3 days. Now it's time to remove the new concrete pot. If a crack appears there, then you can close it with a mixture of concrete. Use a sander to make the surface absolutely smooth.

Use paint and your imagination to give the pot a nice color or add patterns. You can glue pebbles or shells. Choose from a variety of decorative elements to make your concrete product look attractive and stylish. You can leave the natural gray color and it will also appear modern and trendy.

Creative idea - a pot of concrete and rags

The meaning of this method is the naturalness of the form and line. You need a rag of any size. It depends on the size of your future pot. If you need a large type, then take the fabric meter by meter. Find the shape to be the base. Dip a rag into the concrete mixture and squeeze the cloth several times to saturate it with the mortar. Now take a mold (a bucket, an old saucepan, a plastic container, and so on) and bring the paraffin to the surface. Place the rag on the upside-down mold. Wait for the concrete to harden. You can also wrap other containers or even cardboard boxes with pieces of rag.

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