How to make wooden planters?

How to make wooden planters?

If you have a garden or yard then you are very lucky. You can create stunning décor items to make your outdoor area more comfortable, beautiful and cozy. The best solution is flowers and plants; they make the garden luxurious and warm. Outdoor plants can be grown in flowerpots or in the ground, but a few extra flower planters will not interfere with the overall exterior. Many gardeners choose plastic, ceramics, fiberstone, and other materials. You can purchase plastic flower pots online in all shapes, colors and sizes or order other materials and garden decor. But wooden flower pots look more natural, which is why they are favorites with gardeners. It is very easy to buy these pots, but you can also do it yourself.

DIY wooden pots

Almost any type of wood can be turned into a modern stylish flower pot. Realize any fantasy to create large and small items for all types of plants. It can be all kinds of pieces of wood: crooked and even, processed or not. Come up with a creative idea to grow plants without harming them. Designer flower planters are not very expensive but you can make them in your garden by your own. These can be separate flowerpots or part of a flower bed.

  • Making a flowerpot from a stump. Any unsightly tree stump can be turned into a flower pot. You will need to cut a piece to the required height and drill a hole inside. Place a plastic bag inside and cover with soil for the plant. You can also put a ready-made plastic or ceramic pot in the hole.
  • Planters from a bar and boards. By assembling such a structure, you can fasten it with nails. The shape can be square, rectangular, triangular, and so on. The number of boards you have is important here. The bars can be divided into parts and all elements can be used. Don't forget to make drainage holes and add legs to your flower pot. You can grow plants in the soil that you need to put in a bag (also with holes).
  • Pots with wood paneling. This method of decorating planters is also very popular. You can cover any outdoor pot with wooden pieces if you are tired of the old design. Take any plastic container and attach the pieces of wood. These can be boards, beams, chips and even small waste. It is best to use glue, but you can connect all the pieces with a rope.
How to make wooden planters

Why choose a wooden pot?

Wooden pots as a decorative element are very beautiful and modern. You can choose any color and size to decorate your garden. But not all gardeners advise growing plants in a wooden pot without using a soil bag. Wood takes in a lot of moisture and leaves the roots without the necessary moisture. But if you add polyethylene or plastic between the soil and the tree, you can create stunning flower arrangements without harming your plants. Also wood pots are not heavy even with soil. You can rearrange them whenever you need. It is worth considering the variety of colors; you can repaint the pot whenever you want a new exterior style.

Pros and cons of wooden pots

The first advantage is simple work that does not require special skills and tools. You can work with wood anywhere without harm to the surrounding things. Pieces of boards, logs, old stumps are always found in any garden area. You don't need to spend money on materials other than soil, fasteners, nails and other small parts. Any deformation can be corrected quickly and easily. Of the minuses, there are small points that are important to consider. For example, wood processing so that such a material is more durable. Without treatment, moisture will get into the structure of the wood and it will start to rot. This is not a significant minus; it is more a mandatory moment that is important for the strength and durability of the material.

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