How to make a window sill planter box?

How to make a window sill planter box?

Detailed instructions for creating a pot on a windowsill

If you are making a flowerpot for a windowsill then there is a simple instruction for a simple rectangular type. This option is the most practical because you can plant several plants in length. It is better to choose a medium width so that the structure is not heavy. It is better to choose a material of wood, but it can be thin metal sheets or plastic bases.

  • Prepare the pieces that you will then collect in the box. Do not use too thick wood as this will add more weight to the box. Take measurements and cut the required segments.
  • Now you need to think about which side of the box the fasteners will be. As long as the wood is just a piece, it will be easier for you to take measurements on your windowsill. Then you put together the box and the measurements for the bindings will be more difficult.
  • Assemble all sides using metal brackets. You can make holes and use a drill to secure all sides with nails.
  • Make sure you have fasteners on the windowsill to secure the box. Another way to do this is to use strong wire and make a nest. This will have some large hooks to hold the box.

More tips for creating windowsill pots

Of course, you will need special tools: a drill, screws, angle brackets, nails, and so on. You can cut the wood yourself using a saw or buy ready-made pieces. Many people buy windowsill pots in any garden shop. Not all models and materials are expensive. There are cheap plastic or ceramic options. Homemade wood types are better and more durable because plastic can burst in the cold. Ceramics can crack in the heat in direct sunlight. Stone and metal are very heavy, especially when you add soil. Wood is the best choice because this material is not afraid of temperature extremes and humidity.

You can choose any medium sized plants to grow in these boxes. It can be herbs such as basil, parsley, garlic, dill, or green onions. You can also take flowers such as petunias, daisies, short irises, lilies and so on. Of course there are dwarf roses that can be picked in different colors. You can also grow seedlings and then transfer them to the garden of a country house. Some gardeners grow garlic or ginger.

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