How to make a gabion planter?

How to make a gabion planter?

Metal is the most popular material used in all favorable conditions, temperature and humidity. But if your region is warm and dry, then you can find other materials. Your mesh must be strong and secure to prevent the structure from falling. You can also cover the top with a net or leave the stones uncovered.

Useful tips when creating a gabion

It is not that difficult, but you need to consider certain points for the form to be reliable and stable. First, select the plant that you will grow inside the gabion. You can even opt for an ornamental tree because the stones make the gabion resistant. To fill the mesh, you can use not only stones, but also cobblestones, wood, gray pebbles. There are designs not only for flower plants but also fences or decorative walls. You can grow plants without a flowerpot because the gabion has a constant supply of air, which contributes to the normal growth of plants. The stones can serve as a drainage system and the soil is placed in the space inside the gabion.

Modern markets offer a wide range of products for creating gabions. These are different styles, sizes, cell diameters, and so on. But the ready-made types do not always correspond to the dimensions you need. They may not be suitable for your plants or flowers, so you can do it yourself. Remember two important points that will help you simplify the development process: designing the future composition and calculating the required amount of materials. To understand the type of such constructions you can try to make a small type. Feel free to experiment or be very creative, your own gabion is a stunning piece of outdoor decor.

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