How to plant roses in pots at home: care for flowers

How to plant roses in pots at home: care for flowers

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Many people like to grow plants at home. They choose refined or unpretentious types that will make the atmosphere more warm and comfortable. There are many types of houseplants that are easy to care for and give you an amazing scent. There are many ornamental exotic trees or sophisticated tropical types. If you are looking for classic plants or prefer only roses, then learn the simple rules of growing and caring. You can choose any containers to make your flowers more comfortable. The modern market offers a wide range of flower boxes of various shapes, sizes and shades. If you are looking for a gold plant pot or want to get more futuristic or bright colors, then check out virtual catalogs or shops near your home. There are many great options to keep your indoor roses comfortable.

What varieties of roses are better to choose for home growing?

There is a large selection of magnificent roses: from large to small dwarfs. More than half of the types can be grown at home if you create the right conditions for them. Some types of roses will be more relevant for the home and you will not regret buying them.

  • Miniature roses. Most often, their height does not exceed 30 cm. There are even unique bushes up to 10 cm. Flowering is small double-type flowers. There are roses with a pleasant aroma, there are plants without smell. These roses bloom from spring to autumn.
  • Bengal roses. This is the most optimal type for indoor cultivation. Such roses are very lush, they bloom throughout the year. Bushes are not always large. Most often it is less than 50 cm. The flowers of such roses are very lush and fragrant with small leaves.
  • Tea roses. This type blooms long and strong. The flowers share a stunning (rather intense) fragrance. You can grow this in any pot and at different humidity levels. Tea roses bloom strongly, the average bush can have up to 30-50 flowers.
How to make wooden planters

Features of caring for home roses

It is best to purchase seedlings or ready-made roses in late autumn, winter or early spring. Give your plant a light and slightly cool room. Conditions should be similar to outdoor greenhouses. The room should be cool, but then you need to gradually increase the humidity level. It is important that roses do not stand near heating sources. If you can't put it somewhere else then make a simple protective screen (of foil). Roses love a lot of light. Sometimes home lighting may not be enough, so consider an additional light source.

Roses love moisture but don't make the soil too wet. Monitor watering levels by studying the characteristics and preferences of certain types of such plants. Watering roses is necessary in such an amount that water flows out of the drainage hole. Leave the water in the pan for about 2 hours, then remove the remaining water.

In the summer, it is better to take the roses outside so that they get fresh air. But don't put it in direct sunlight. The soil for home roses should contain the nutrients and trace elements that the plant needs. Read about what your type of rose loves so that the plant does not die. You can buy ready-made nutrient mixtures for roses or mix various elements: greenhouse humus, clay, sand and rotted manure.

Rose is the queen of flowers

You can purchase seedlings or grow a rose even from a bouquet you received for your birthday. Roses are not as difficult to care for as you think. Like any plant, they require attention and care. If you create the ideal conditions, then the stunning rose will give you amazing blooms and a sophisticated aroma. Study the growing conditions and preferences of your rose and you will be happy with the result.

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