TOP 14 unpretentious plants for your garden

TOP 14 unpretentious plants for your garden

If you want a garden buried in flowers which don’t need your close attention, it is worth considering plants that do not require special care. Here are some attractive and undemanding options.

Garden flowers

anemone Japanese

1. Japanese anemone

Elegant anemone flowers blossom in late August. They look great in any garden, and also make beautiful bouquets. Plant anemones of different varieties to get a vividly colorful flower bed.


2. Astilbe

This unpretentious plant will produce a beautiful and fluffy bloom even in the shade. For its full effect, however, astilbe should be well watered.

Astra sentyabrya

3. Astra shrub

This plant forms lush globular bushes up to 50 cm high. In September, when the plant blooms, each of its stem transforms into a bouquet. But even without flowers this bright ball looks very elegant.


4. Helenium

If you choose the right types of helenium, it will bloom in your garden from June to October.


5. Geranium

The gorgeous Geranium does not require special attention. It grows to 50 cm in height and can bloom even in partial shade. Although the plant blossoms for a short time (from May to June), in the autumn it comes to life again, its foliage acquiring a reddish hue.


6. Nepeta

This plant is very popular in regions where it is impossible to grow lavender. Nepeta is an unpretentious perennial which is especially abundant and brightly blooms in sunny areas.

Oriental Poppy

7. Oriental Poppy

This plant from the east brings with it very little trouble. Its fairly large scarlet flowers will become a bright accent to your flower garden. And by planting early and late varieties on your site, you can extend your flowering season from May to July.


8. Chamomile

Chamomile is a win-win option for decorating a flower garden, because its bloom is long lasting and doesn’t need special care. All it needs are watering and feeding. Perennial chamomiles require less attention than annuals. Also, this plant is kept in the cut for a long time.


9. Rudbeckia

Radiant like the sun, rudbeckia’s bright yellow flowers adorn the plant from late summer to mid-autumn.


10. Yarrow

The yarrow’s tiny flowers are particularly spectacular with their inflorescence collected together in a basket. Be sure to find room for this delightful plant in your garden, if visits to your summer home are few and far between. The yarrow blossoms from June to September - surprisingly long.


11. Phlox

In the "lazy" garden, phlox is indispensable. Phlox come in a variety of colors, including a “chameleon” type, which changes color depending on the lighting.


12. Hosta

Hosta blooms in July, but the charm of this plant is not in its flowers, rather in the leaves that adorn it from spring to autumn. Unlike many plants from our list, the hosta likes partial shade.


13. Sage

This plant not only livens up any flower bed with its rich pink and purple inflorescences, but also exudes a fascinating aroma. Sage blooms all summer, which is another advantage.


14. Echinacea

Echinacea is good not only because it is undemanding, but also because it can grow for a long time in one place, refreshing its surroundings with stunning flowers. Echinacea also has amazing healing properties.

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