How to secure planter baskets to balcony railings?

How to secure planter baskets to balcony railings?

Many people do not have a private garden so they grow part of the plants on the balcony. This is very convenient for saving space. If you have a warm climate then you can grow this all year round. The modern market for garden products allows you to find all sorts of shapes, materials and colors for hanging pots or planters for the balcony. If you like round terracotta pots there are many ways to attach it to railings even if you don't get the rectangular types. Reliable fasteners will hold the planters even with the weight of the plant and soil. Study the catalogs because there are many models with their own mounts. Also, people share their tips to make the mounting process easier for you.

5 Ways to Attach Pots to Railings

If you have purchased flower planters and they do not have a balcony railing attachment, then there are some easy ways to do it at home. It can be materials that you have at home or you can buy it inexpensively at any hardware store. Some people make additional railings to put the pot in a tray.

But there are other easier ways to keep your pots firmly attached:

  • Use rope or chain. You can tie the pot to the railing, but it's important to use durable material. The plant with soil has a lot of weight, so the rope or chain must be strong. Of course, this method is not very beautiful, but quite reliable.

  • Use screws. There are special fasteners that you can screw into the railing using self-tapping screws. This is a pretty solid method if it's not a rental property. The owners may be against such initiative. But if the railing on the balcony is made of durable material, then this is one of the inexpensive options. If your pots are plastic, it is better to add a piece of rubber to the screws.

  • Use brackets. Usually these are large metal types that are L-shaped. They are attached to the railing like normal hooks and you will be able to move or change containers without difficulty. If these are small rectangular pots, then 2 pieces will be enough for you to place them on the sides. If the pots are more elongated, then take 3 brackets to place the third one in the middle.

  • Use straddle pots. The easiest way is to buy a potty with built-in mounts that fit a standard size railing. These types also have a drainage hole so you only need to add soil and plant. Of course, these types of pots have a higher price but you can find great models on sale. There are ready-made and prefabricated types where you need to assemble the structure yourself.

  • Use homemade rails with fasteners. This is a fairly simple way where you make a wooden pallet and put metal strips on both sides. This design can be mounted on brackets or large hooks. The capacity of the pallet allows you to put flower pots of any shape, metal rails will not let your peas fall.

Choose fasteners taking into account weather conditions: temperature changes, frost or strong winds. Some types may be unreliable or fragile. The material of the pot is also important, for example if you are using self-tapping screws. The most convenient way is fasteners and hooks. This is best for rectangular plastic pots. Wooden ones can be attached to the railing directly, but it will be difficult for you to change the soil or remove the pots when moving or deforming them.


Fixings are very important for a balcony if you don't want to put flower pots on the railing. There are fairly wide types but the pots can be knocked over by the wind. Install mounts to securely protect your pots and plants. Study the type of railing and you will definitely find the best solution.

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