How to make my plant grow?

How to make my plant grow?

Plants in your home create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and coziness. This is not only a part of the interior, but living organisms that need your care. Nature provides plants with everything they need in natural conditions. At home, taking care of them becomes your task. If your plants seem to be growing slowly or have stopped growing, this can be a serious problem. Often this indicates unsuitable temperature conditions or improper lighting. But it could also be a specific disease in your plant. If you decide to buy money plant or other indoor type, then you want it to grow healthy and beautiful. Let's look at a few ways to speed up the growth of your plants.

5 effective techniques to speed up plant growth

There is no need to panic, the reasons for slowing down or stopping growth may not be dangerous to the health of your plant. We have found several growth acceleration techniques that will not harm your green friend. Try these methods, if growth has not accelerated, then the problem may be more difficult.

  1. Your plant is not getting enough light. If you are serious about growing plants, then you need to study its features and choose the most optimal place. To do this, it is better to take a compass and determine the sunniest place near the window or on the windowsill. Add more light and you will notice how the plant begins to grow rapidly. Of course there are types of plants those need indirect lighting, read the care instructions for each plant you have. Some growers have noticed a rapid growth rate when artificial lighting is installed.
  2. Your plant may need more water. Some types may stunt growth because they don't get enough moisture. It is also important to know the specifics of caring for your plant variety, some of them are simple less water, others more. The usual advice is to keep the soil moist so that the roots of the plant do not dry out completely. If the air is dry, more watering is needed. In winter, heating devices dry the air very much, the humidity should be optimal for a certain type of plant. Watering at this time should be moderate.
  3. Remember that your plant needs bait to get enough nutrients. It receives some of them fr om the light, but the root system needs additional feed. This can be a generic houseplant type that needs to be diluted halfway with water. Most often, many plants require complementary foods once a month. Again, remember that it is important to know the needs of a particular plant.
  4. A common problem is a small pot wh ere the plant is cramped to grow. The root system cannot continue to develop, so the plant stops its growth, adapting to the available pot size. It's time to find him a bigger home so the roots have more room. Most types of plants are transplanted in the spring, that is, before new growth begins. In winter, many plants "fall asleep" and continue to grow in early spring. Choose a new container that is 2 inches (5 cm) larger in diameter than the current one.
  5. An excellent and effective way to encourage plant growth is pruning. Of course, the branches may not be healthy so the plants require pruning. But many flower growers cut off long branches to make the plant more dense and lush. It is important to remember that this is also individual for each variety and type.

Always carefully study the preferences of the plants you have purchased. They need your attention to please you with their beautiful and healthy appearance. Find out why your plants stopped growing. Perhaps the problem is in the wrong care. By fixing the problems, you will notice significant changes. Do not forget that plants depend on you because in natural conditions they receive the necessary care from the environment.

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