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The Most Popular Places for House Plants

high pot with plant

House plants always look great in various rooms of your home, adding an element of nature and a splash of colour. Not only can indoor plants brighten up any room, they also bring a number of health benefits and enhance your existing decor. Plants in your home can make the air more breathable, by removing toxins and making the air much cleaner to live with. House plants are also known for reducing stress and improving productivity; positive effects on any household!

House plants can be incredibly easy to care for, with many being low maintenance while also looking great. But how do you get the most out of your indoor plants, and where’s the best place to put them?

What plants need

Plants need a number of variables in order to survive. They need the right levels of light, temperature and humidity to thrive in your home. It’s important that you research to determine the optimum levels of each in the rooms of your home. For example, how much light does your living room receive throughout the day?

If you’re looking for the right place to position your plants to help them survive, the team here at have the perfect tips to help.

pots for plants

Where to put your house plants

If you have bought plants that require direct light, it is recommended that you position them on a window ledge facing north or west. However, you may need to shade the plant from the midday sun at the height of the summer, and check that the leaves aren’t being burnt by the sun’s heat. If they begin to wither, move your plants away from the window.

For plants that need bright light, you should choose a west-facing window perhaps even shaded by sheer curtains. Failing that, you can place these particular plants on an east-facing window ledge too.

If your plants prefer to be kept in the shade, you can choose any shaded corner of a bright room or even a couple of metres away from south-facing windows.

If you have a room that is particularly sun drenched and benefits from long hours of sunlight throughout the day, you may want to invest in succulents. Jade plants and aloe vera only need to be watered sparingly and are incredibly easy to look after. Likewise, the snake plant is very low maintenance so you can have a great looking room without the hard work!

To make sure your plants look great in your home, check out our extensive range of indoor planters today.

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