The Best Plants for a Small Kitchen

The Best Plants for a Small Kitchen

Use these List of Small Plants to Decorate Your Kitchen

Kitchen features:

  1. High humidity.
  2. Very good lighting even at a distance from the window. Working surfaces in the kitchen are generally well-lit with additional lighting. Subsequently, the intensity of artificial light in the kitchen is higher than in other rooms, which creates a special light regime.
  3. Elevated air temperatures, stable and warm climate and a difference between day and night temperatures, which makes a small kitchen the most suitable place for plants accustomed to the humid tropics.

Due to these factors, kitchens with small areas turn out to be uniquely ideal for growing indoor plants. Here, plants that love high humidity and long daylight hours, and cultures that live in ordinary residential areas will flourish. In fact, the kitchen, with its higher temperatures, is basically its own special greenhouse and can be used for growing special plants.

Selecting the correct sized plants for tiny kitchens is of no small importance. When the space is limited, too cumbersome cultures can take up important functional space, as well as make the room seem even smaller. In tiny kitchens, dwarf species are often used, as well as plants that visually expand the room, and are capable of creating spectacular vertical accents, which allows for the use of other planes in landscaping. Such plants can be grown in suspended very small pots or on walls or can be placed on shelves.

Tiny kitchens are most suitable for Bromeliads, Aroids and Maranta, ferns and orchids, indoor soil cover and rare decorative and deciduous blossoms. Such a space isn’t ideal for desert plants that do not like high humidity, such as succulents and cacti. But those native to the humid tropics are among the favorites for gardening the small kitchen.

Here are some popular choices:

  • Indoor Jasmine;
  • Begonias;
  • Sinningia;
  • ivy;
  • Pandanus;
  • Fatsia;
  • Abutilone;
  • Hychichium;
  • Isoloma;
  • Wheels;
  • Decorative Peppers;
  • Aukuba;
  • Gippeastrum;
  • Cordillin;
  • Mimosa;
  • Philodendrons;
  • Cyclamens;
  • Banana;
  • Brunfelsia;
  • Gardenia;
  • Gesneria;
  • Hypoestheses;
  • Columns;
  • Manetia;
  • Lanthanum;
  • Ehmeya;
  • Cyperus;
  • Gelksin;
  • Fatsheder;
  • Streptocarpus;
  • Cycad;
  • Siderasis;
  • Reo;
  • Peperomy;
  • Pilea;
  • Senpolia.

Plants that are favorites for small cuisines, and cultures with the most vivid greenery and expressiveness: Aglonaum, Alocasia, Venus shoe, Bilberia, Vreezia, Guzmania, Blechum, Celgium, Phanerophlebia Sickle-Shaped, Plaques, Pahistahis, Nephrolepis, Maranthus, Ligodium, Diffenbachia, Mandewill.

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