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Tips and Ideas for Using Trough Planters

flowers in a box of pots

Everything you should know about choosing through planters

Charming and functional trough planters are an ideal choice when you want to experiment with your gardening design and organise a bright display of colourful flowers, aromatic herbs or even seasonal vegetables. Decorated tastefully, they can become a focal point for the entrance of your house, kitchen windowsill, patio, or garden. Here, at we have prepared some tips on how to get the best out of your trough planter.

What do you need to know when buying planters?

Trough planters are a great, inexpensive alternative to other containers. They are very simple to use and are exceptionally durable.

You can get creative by incorporating different sizes and finishes, or paint your outdoor planters to match the colour scheme of your living space or garden. Yet, keep in mind that trough planters are relatively heavy, so define the area in which you want to place them in advance.

When buying a trough planter, make sure they come with sufficient drainage. If necessary, drill extra holes in the bottom of your trough container to allow water to drain out thoroughly. Place gravel or a similar material at the bottom of the trough planter to help with the water drainage.

concrete planters

How to use your trough planters?

Stylish and versatile, flower pots are quite easy to incorporate into your décor and can be used both inside your house or in an outdoor area. Here are some ideas for how to use your containers:

  • Choose a wooden or metal trough to enhance a white, airy living room or kitchen. Such decoration will also look original in your bathroom and can emphasise an interior with a Provence style.
  • Add a rustic touch to your kitchen by creating an authentic herb garden on your windowsill with wooden flower pots. As well as creating a charming display, they enable you to use aromatic homegrown herbs in your cooking from the comfort of your home.
  • Trough planters are ideal when you want to create visual boundaries in your garden area or patio. Creating a visual wall and dividing your area into zones has never been easier with rectangular shaped planters.
  • If you are thinking of growing your own home produce, troughs are a good option to go for. Use soil rich in compost to grow fresh and tasty vegetables in your planters.
street pots for lupins

Which plants are the most suitable for troughs?

Trough planters are perfect for growing small plants that are not as well displayed in other flower containers. Choose from perennials, succulents, annuals, and alpine plants for a vivid display. Flowering onion, iris, aloe, bellflower, and hen-and-chicks are amongst some of the popular choices.

Overall, stylish, hardwearing and versatile, trough planters are perfectly suitable containers for both indoor and outdoor areas. In our online shop you can buy trough planters varying in price, size, shape, and colour, with prompt delivery within the UK.

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