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How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

3 Steps to Prepare Garden for Spring

street flowers in potsIf you want to create a beautiful garden in time for spring and summer, then you should start preparing your garden early. When the nice weather arrives, you will already have a garden that has started to grow, instead of panicking and leaving it until the last minute! Saving yourself valuable time, you will be able to enjoy watching your garden grow.

Spring can be an exciting season for gardeners, as it’s a time to start fresh with your garden and ensure it looks exactly the way you’d like it to. Allowing you to choose the best possible plants to transform your garden, you have the chance to get ahead of yourself. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to preparing your garden for spring, then follow these great tips from the team here at

Step 1: Tidy the garden

When it comes to getting your garden prepared for spring, there are a number of steps you could carry out. Over the winter months, we have no doubt that your garden has been a little neglected; gardening over the winter isn’t fun for anyone! However, now that the warmer weather is round the corner, you might want to think about cleaning up your garden ready for new planting.

Make sure your gardening tools are still in working order, and clear your garden of dead leaves or weeds that may have appeared over winter. This needs to be removed before you start buying new plants for your garden! If you have perennial plants, consider cutting them back and making everything look neat and tidy again.

Step 2: Check for pests

Pests can appear in your garden at any given moment, and have the power to ruin your plants. Searching for pests and getting rid of them can give you a batter chance of a successful spring garden, allowing your plants to grow properly.

Snails, slugs or pests such as vine weevils could potentially wreck your garden and make it much harder to create your dream garden. They can very easily hide in your soil without your knowledge, so it’s a job worth doing!

Step 3: Buying the right plants and planters

flowers in hanging baskets

When it comes to preparing your garden for spring, the fun part is choosing your new plants. However, you might need to start early to make sure your plants have enough time to grow by the spring. For example, some plants need a longer season and these should be planted in advance.

If you find that your plants aren’t suitable for the spring weather, then you have plenty of time to find an alternative choice. The real job, however, is to find more beautiful planters. Including planters in your garden can bring it to life, with so much choice and variety. Our collection here at is available in so many different styles to suit any garden, adding a decorative aspect to your home for spring.

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