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How to Choose a Chiminea

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Add Warmth and Style with Garden Сhimineas

Garden chimineas are wonderfully decorative accessories for any garden and they can provide warmth for those days or evenings spent outside. Available in a number of different styles, our freestanding chimineas come in a variety of sizes and prices – from small chimineas made of clay to large ones of iron. Whether you are looking for something understated simply to add warmth in your garden, or you would like to buy a more ornamental piece, you’ll find the perfect design right here at online shop, where we offer prompt delivery of chimineas within the UK.

Nowadays there are almost as many distinct types of garden chimineas as there are ways of spelling the word itself. All this choice can be a little confusing, so we have prepared a guide to help you make what is often the first decision - which material will be right for you? There are three basic types of garden chiminea to choose from - cast iron, steel or clay. Although designed for similar purposes, the three types are made from dissimilar materials and differ in their performance characteristics.

When a metal chiminea could be an option

Metal chimineas are most commonly made of either cast iron or steel. Bearing in mind the attributes of each material is helpful in choosing which type of metal chiminea will suit you best.

Cast iron is a resilient material untroubled by weather extremes, so your chimineas will serve you well for ages. Metal chimineas made of cast iron are efficient heaters as the material easily absorbs the heat of the fire and radiates it outward. Using such garden chimineas negates the need to worry about either the size of fire or the type of fuel.

A metal chiminea made of steel would be lighter than one of iron making it a more portable option. Notably, steel garden chimineas rapidly heat up and cool down, which can be a great time saver.

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Beautify your space with clay garden chimineas

Clay garden chimineas are made from heat-resistant, heat-absorbing material and are moulded by hand in plaster moulds then fired at elevated temperatures. Such garden chimineas are very easy to assemble – they are practically ready to be used immediately.

Historically, fired clay was used for fire pits, which were an essential for both cooking and heating in Mexico's distant history. It’s no surprise that the Mexican chiminea is one of the most popular types with many of our customers. These garden chimineas create an amazingly serene atmosphere with their unique designs and can bring a cosy ambience, warmth and glow to any garden or terrace. Some of our Mexican chimineas have a large mouth suitable for a considerable fire so that you can lounge back and warm next to the flames.

We also have a collection of adorable small chimineas – you can put several around your garden to add some colourful accents and create a soul-soothing setting.

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