Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Summer Garden Ideas

We have almost entered summer at last, which means it’s nearly time to dig out your shorts and fire up the BBQ! The summer months bring with them rising temperatures and hopefully the appearance of the sun every now and again. Summer lets us get the most out of our gardens, no matter how big or small. However, we can bet that you didn’t do much gardening over the winter and now your garden may be looking a little worse for wear.

So, if you want to try and restore your garden in time for the god weather, we have a few steps for you to follow to help you get your outdoor space ready for summer!

Start with a fresh canvas

Before you even think about making any major changes to your garden, you might want to consider what state it’s in from the winter and even the spring. If your old plants have seen better days, and the weeds look a little overgrown, you’ll probably need to spend some time clearing it all away.

Tidying up your garden can give you a fresh start and help you decide how much available space you have for all your new additions! After all, you don’t want your first BBQ of the summer overrun with unsightly weeds or dead plants.

Once you’ve tidied up your garden, you have the perfect space to work with and can start to design the garden you’ve always dreamt of having.

Replenish your plants

The next thing to get your garden ready is to choose the perfect plants to brighten up the space! No garden is complete without a collection of vibrant flowers and shrubs, bringing your outdoor space to life and restoring it to its former glory.

To make sure your garden is ready for summer, think about planting your flowers soon so they have time to bloom before the height of the summer arrives. Some of the most colourful and popular flowers you can choose for your garden include begonias. They come in so many different colours such as yellow, orange and pink and are known for their versatility. You can plant begonias in a hanging basket, outdoor garden planter or your flowerbeds.

Geraniums are another great choice for your outdoor space; the most common colours include bright pink, white or red but there are other variations too. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, choose antirrhinum, otherwise known as snapdragons.

Give your plants the perfect home

After you’ve chosen how you’re going to brighten up your garden with your favourite flowers, you’ll need to decide where you’re going to plant them. Our outdoor planters provide the perfect home for your plants through the summer, and with so many options you’ll be spoilt for choice!

From small, round planters to tall ones, we offer a huge range of planters made from the latest materials such as fiberglass, polystone or traditional clay.

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