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the black petunias in pots

Choosing your tall planter

Tall planters are particularly suitable for ficus, palm trees and other woody plants. There are a few things you must consider when choosing a tall planter:

  • Tall planters come in a variety of materials. Modern materials, such as premium plastic or fiberstone presented in our online shop, are lightweight options for easier maintenance and mobility of your planter.
  • To create an eye-pleasing display, you should consider that the height of your tall planter should be 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the plant, including the length of its roots.
  • Choose your colours wisely to ensure that your planter will fit the palette of the interior of your room or outdoor space.

Most foliage can look striking and add vitality to your surroundings when seen at eye-level in stylish tall planters. In order for plants and flowers to look healthy and enhance the decor and atmosphere of your living or outdoor areas, it is important to create the best conditions for their maintenance.

A stylish house for your plants

In our online shop you can buy a large selection of tall planters for indoor and outdoor plants. These models will not only help create optimal conditions for the growth and well-being of your plants, but also enhance the style of the interior. Our flower pots collection is one of the most popular choices among gardeners and designers in the UK. They are universally suitable for either contemporary or classical decor, and are ideal to add an accent to the entrance of your house, patio or garden, as well as larger spaces, such as offices and restaurants.

sculpture of planters with flowers

Classic black

Being the most popular model available, our sleek tall planters in solid black are definitely a versatile choice, whether at the entrance of your office reception or in your garden area. Their simple and clean design will perfectly fit into an interior decorated in minimalist, Japanese or hi-tech style. The monochromatic theme of our black tall planters allows them to effortlessly blend into contemporary spaces and bring greater structure and visual stability to your decor.

All of our black tall planters are constructed using high-quality materials that deliver durability, yet lightness and convenience in use. We stock a signature collection of black tall flower pots in various finishes – from glossy to matte.

Available in both self and manual watering options at a price for every budget, our black tall planters help you to maximise visual impact without taking up too much of your precious space. Browse our signature collection and beautify your house or office with our contemporary black plant pots.

At we have prepared tips for choosing the right tall plant container that will both deliver functionality and create the desired aesthetic.

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