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Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to get some use out of your outdoor space during the cold winter months. At other times of the year, an outdoor fire pit also makes a nice gathering point, as it provides warmth, inspires discussion, and can be incredibly relaxing as you stare at the glow of the fire.

If you’re giving a backyard fire pit some thought, keep in mind that the style and size will depend on your outdoor space. However, here are some very general things you should look for when considering an outdoor fire pit.

Picking a style

Outdoor fire pits come in various styles. Even if you don’t have a large space, there is a wide selection of compact patio fire pits to choose from. Popular options include ones that feature a fire bowl, as well as square versions that resemble low tables. If you want a backyard fire pit that can be moved around easily, try a bowl version. If you have a spacious garden and want a warm gathering spot, consider a more stationery square fire pit. When buying, pay particular attention to the dimensions and make sure you measure the space before the purchase.

Wood or gas?

Most backyard fire pits are either wood-burning or use gas/propane, and it’s important to decide on which type you want. One of the biggest benefits of a wood-burning patio fire pit is that it can be much more cost-efficient than buying gas tanks constantly. They are a perfect choice for those who love the sound and smell of a crackling fire. Gas fire pits are smokeless; do not require materials such as ash-creating wood and are considered as neater.

fire bowl

Choosing the material

There are different materials to consider, such as metal fire pits, those made of stone, and those decorated with tiles. A stone fire pit is a heavy option, so make sure you find a permanent place for it to remain in. Those decorated with tiles would be fireproof like the stone itself.

As for metal fire pits - they usually come in steel or copper. Steel patio fire pits can be on the expensive side, but they will serve you for years being rust-resistant and easy to clean. Metal fire pits made of copper are more basic. They are likely to be coated, which gives them a nice shiny look and enables them to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Taking extra care

Never use an outdoor fire pit too close to a wall or your home, and remember to be careful if you’re using a patio fire pit on a wooden deck. Generally, the best surfaces on which to place a fire pit should be fireproof - such as hard stone, cement or tile. Also, many backyard fire pits come with accessories such as a grill for cooking; a screen to keep sparks from flying, or a cover that can protect it from rain when not in use.

Have a look at our selection of outdoor fire pits at online shop, where you can buy options varying in price, material, and style with prompt delivery within the UK.

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