«If there are plants in your home, it feels more snug and warm»

«If there are plants in your home, it feels more snug and warm»

«If there are plants in your home, it feels more snug and warm» Catherine Anderson shares her experience about planting.

Catherine, there is a wide variety of flower pots and planters on the market. What criteria were the most important when you chose the LECHUZA SELF-WATERING PLANTER and what made it preferable to the competition?

Catherine Anderson: LECHUZA planters are very stylish and make my house look cosy – I don’t need to water the plants as frequently, either.

What plants do you grow at home, including those for which you use LECHUZA?

C.A.: I mainly grow non-flowering plants, such as Chrysalidocarpus, Pepper-elder (Peperomia), and Ficus benjamina (weeping fig).

How long have you been planting? Do you have any favourite plant species?

C.A.: I’ve had plants at home for more than 20 years. I like all kinds of plants, so I don’t really have a favourite plant species.

Have you been confronted with any difficulties while handling plants? How do you overcome them?

C.A.: The main problem is making sure the plants get enough water when you have to be away fr om home or when you go on holiday. The LECHUZA self-watering system has completely solved that problem for me.

Does LECHUZA make life easier for you? Does it help with the process of handling plants?

Do you notice a difference in plant growth between LECHUZA and other pots?

C.A.: Definitely. Plants in LECHUZA planters have large crowns. The tips and edges of the plant leaves never get dry, even in winter!

Modern-day flowerpots should be functional and stylish at the same time, so they take an active part in creating interior design. What is more important to you – functionality or how the planter matches the space?

C.A.: I chose LECHUSA pots for their functionality first, but the fact that they also look beautiful is a great advantage too. 

What is the most enjoyable in planting for you?

C.A.: I’m happy when all of my plants have lush greenery, which is most of the time now.

Do you believe that plants and flowers should be in every home?

C.A.: Absolutely! If there are plants in your home, it feels more warm and snug.

Do you place plants on the balcony during the spring-autumn period?

C.A.: I used to place plants on the balcony. It’s delightful to look at, but when you bring them back inside, they sometimes have trouble getting acclimatised, so now I keep them in their regular spots indoors all year.

Do you use tips and recommendations fr om florists or the internet, or just go with your gut?

C.A.: I rarely use the internet, only in cases when I get a plant which I don’t know much about.

Wh ere do you prefer to buy new plants?

C.A: I prefer to buy plants in specialised shops, where you can be sure that the plants have been handled in a proper manner.

What suggestions can you give to our readers if they want to grow their own plants at home?

C.A.: If you are just getting started with houseplants: don’t be afraid to experiment or shrink from any difficulties! It’s worth all of the effort.

What advice can you give to a reader who is thinking about buying a LECHUZA SELF-WATERING PLANTER?

C.A.: Without a doubt, I think they should! Many of the main problems of keeping houseplants are avoided with a LECHUZA planter.

Column written by: GetPotted.com

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