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«I liked my green garden, so we decided to join our balcony with the kitchen and let plants be always there»

«We decided to let plants be always there»
An interview with Emma Miers about choosing plants, their role in the home and the joy of planting.

Emma, there is a wide variety of flower pots and planters on the market. What criteria was the most important when you chose the LECHUZA self-watering planter and preferred it to any other?

Emma Miers: I prefer any LECHUZA planters for their style and functionality.

What plants do you grow at home?

E.M.: I grow many types of plants, for example Chlorophytum, Dieffenbachia, Spathiphyllum, Sansevieria, Ficus, Kalanchoe, Begonia, Viola, Aloe, Calathea, Fern, Rhoicissus, Orchid, Anthurium and some other plants, whose names I don’t know.

How long have you been planting? Do you have any favorite plant species?

E.M.: I’ve been planting for house decoration for over fifteen years. I like unpretentious big green plants and flowering plants.

Have you been confronted with any difficulties while handling plants? How do you overcome these difficulties?

E.M.: Not so long ago I had spider mites on my plants, which caused damage to my Calathea, Begonia and Ficus. I treated the surface of all the leaves with a soap solution, and thankfully, I got through it.

What helps you with the process of handling plants?

E.M.: I’ve had problems with watering plants while being away from home on family vacations. I don’t have such issues anymore with LECHUZA self-watering planters. I’m not afraid to pour too much water since the excess water is removed to the planter.

Do you notice a difference in plant growth between LECHUZA and other pots?

E.M.: This year’s potting was synchronized with LECHUZA planters purchased in the spring, so thanks to that, all my plants grow very well in their new flowerpots.

Modern-day flowerpots should be functional and stylish at the same time, so they and their plants take an active part in creating interior design. What is more important to you – functionality or how the planter matches the design?

E.M.: Definitely the way the planter matches the interior is important for me. But functionality is also very important, so I’m very happy that I found LECHUZA planters, in which these properties are combined.

You said that you have been planting for over fifteen years. Where is the zest in planting for you?

E.M.: The joy of planting for me is to see, how a single leaf place by myself in soil becomes a big plant and indulges the soul. Or when a flower starts blossoming for the first time, it means that it feels comfort and I did everything right.

Do you subscribe to the opinion that plants and flowers should be in every house? What is the role of greens in your home?

E.M.: Should plants be in the home? One should decide oneself. I advance the view that plants are part of the ecosystem and design of the interior.

Do you place plants on the balcony during the spring-autumn period?

E.M.: Yes, I have such experience. Last spring I set most of my plants on the balcony. And I liked my green garden so much, that we decided to join our balcony with the kitchen and let plants be always there. From that moment on we have had a beautiful garden room! A winter garden!

Do you use tips and recommendations from florists or the internet or just go with your gut and trust your own feelings?

E.M.: Yes, I sometimes read advice of florists, use tips from the internet, and I make use of my own experience and personal observations.

Where do you prefer to buy new plants?

А.В: I don’t really like to buy plants, as purchased items survive poorly. I prefer to take tillers and leaf cuttings given by friends.

What suggestions can you give to our readers if they want to grow their own plants at home?

А.В.: I would advise to plant Chlorophytum at first. It has a wide variety of different types, it is good looking, fuss-free and, just as important, it purifies the air very well.

What advice can you give to readers thinking of buying a LECHUZA self-watering planters?

А.В.: Don’t have doubts about buying! It’s absolutely the right choice!

Column written by:
Lily Flowers
I'm a Content Editor and a Brand Contributor with a focus on the gardens and lifestyle. I write articles for where I cover flower pots, plants and other subjects.

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