Flowers have a favourable effect on the home

Flowers have a favourable effect on the home

«Flowers have a favorable effect on the home» Today we are talking to Maria Gilmore, a florist fr om Farnborough about the benefits of keeping house plants.

Maria, there is a wide variety of flowerpots and planters on the market. What made you choose the LECHUZA self-watering planter?

Maria Gilmore: I particularly like the lightness and durability of LECHUZA planters. I also like the fact that the planters come in various designs and sizes, and so you can create a unified look but with a variety of shapes and sizes in any interior space.

What are your favourite plants to grow at home, including those for which you use LECHUZA?

M.G.: I really like exotic and tropical plants – Spathiphyllum, Zamioculcas, Dieffenbachia, Clivia, Orchid, Schefflera, Anthurium, Dracaena marginata, and Yucca are among my favourites.

How long have you kept house plants?

M.G.: We had house plants at home when I was growing up, and my mother taught me to care for them. So, when I moved into my own home, it was a natural thing for me to decorate my space with houseplants.

Have you been confronted with any difficulties while handling plants? How do you overcome these difficulties?

M.G.:  In the wild, plants have to lots of different environments, and it is important to give each plant what it needs to thrive. The main issue is finding the right location for each plant, and the right plant for all the different spaces in my house wh ere I want plants to be. I love learning about the origins of plants and their natural habitat and this helps me to choose the right plants for my space.

How does LECHUZA help with the process of handling plants?

M.G.: The self-watering aspect of LECHUZA pots means that all my plants get exactly the right amount of water, and I can easily check up on them to see what they need. When it is time to water them, or to wash the leaves it’s easy to carry the LECHUZA pots to the sink to water them, as they are very light.

Do you notice a difference in plant growth between LECHUZA and other pots?

M.G.: When I started to switch my pots over to LECHUZA, I definitely noticed that the plants in the LECHUZA pots were growing better, because the water level was just perfect and I couldn’t over-water or under-water them. Now all of the pots in my home are LECHUZA, so I don’t see a difference anymore.

What is more important to you – functionality or how the planter matches the design?

M.G.: Good-looking plants in beautiful pots can definitely improve the look of an interior space. When you take care of the plants with love and see them flourish, not only can they purify the air fr om dust and germs, humidify the air and enrich it with oxygen, but just seeing them so healthy as a result of your efforts can lift your mood too.

LECHUZA planters are not just decorative, enhancing the appearance of your room, but they are also functional, making it much easier to care for your plants and see them grow.

What is the attraction in looking after houseplants for you?

M.G.: Flowers and greenery have a favourable effect on the home: their beauty and the diversity of forms and colours make me feel happy. I firmly believe that tending plants can help you to let off steam, to relax and relieve emotional stress.

Do you subscribe to the opinion that plants and flowers should be in every house?

M.G.: I always like to see plants in a home, and I think they always enhance the living space. I know that some people worry that they are not very good at keeping plants alive, but if they just choose the right plant for the environment they have and use a LECHUZA planter to help them with watering, they would soon discover the joy of keeping houseplants.

Do you use tips and recommendations from florists or the internet or just go with your gut and trust your own feelings?

M.G.: I am a florist myself, so yes, I do trust my own opinions. But I do also continually research new trends in plants, on the internet, in magazines, and with many tips to garden centres, flower shows and events, and gardens like RHS Wisley.

Wh ere do you prefer to buy new plants?

M.G.: I buy most of my plants in garden centres. I need to see the individual plant and how healthy it is, before I commit to taking it home. I usually know what I’m looking for before I go, but my favourite garden centres have very knowledgeable staff who can help me choose the right potting medium, and answer my questions about a plant if I haven’t had one of that type before.

What suggestions can you give to readers if they want to grow their own plants at home?

M.G.: First of all, take a look at your home, and establish which areas are sunny and shady, hot or cold, and what environment your first plants will be living in. Start with a good look round a garden centre - read the labels and ask the staff to help you choose the perfect plant for the location you intend to put it in, and give you some instructions for looking after it.

What advice can you give to readers thinking of buying a LECHUZA planter?

M.G.: I would definitely recommend LECHUZA planters for both the home and the garden.  Follow the instructions carefully, including the set-up process, the period of first watering from the top, and how to water once the plants are established. It’s very simple to follow and once your plants are well established you will find that taking care of them is easy.

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Margaret Wilson
I'm a Content Editor and a Brand Contributor with a focus on the gardens and lifestyle. I write articles for where I cover flower pots, plants and other subjects
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