«While visiting my mother’s work I saw plants being grown in tin cans»

«While visiting my mother’s work I saw plants being grown in tin cans»

«While visiting my mother’s work I saw plants being grown in tin cans» As part of our «LECHUZA Heroes» series, we present an interview with Vanessa Gerald about the role of plants and their handling.

What plants do you grow at home, including those for which you use LECHUZA?

V.G.: I like different species of Hibiscus and Orchids. I plant Violas in small pots; Ficus and Palms in large planters.

How long have you been planting? Do you have any favorite plant species?

V.G.: I’ve had houseplants at home since childhood, but I had stopped when I first had my own home and got a job. I do much more planting now since I’ve started buying LECHUZA self-watering planters.

Have you been confronted with any difficulties while handling plants? How do you overcome these difficulties?

V.G.: To be honest I find these pots really easy to use, and so I don’t have any problems.

How does LECHUZA help with the process of handling plants?

V.G.: It’s very easy to water your plants. This is especially important in hard water areas, after filling the LECHUZA planter there are no salt stains on the surface.

Do you notice a difference in plant growth between LECHUZA and other pots?

V.G.: Definitely! I don’t buy simple pots anymore.

Modern-day flowerpots should be functional and stylish at the same time, so they and their plants take an active part in creating interior design. What is more important to you – functionality or how the planter matches the design?

V.G.: To me functionality and design are both important. As a child, while visiting my mother’s work, I saw her colleagues growing plants in tin cans. My mother told me that flowers are for decorating interiors, but how can a flower in a tin can look decorative?!

It was a lesson for life, and so I decided to buy plants only when I could afford a good-looking planter for them, so they could be an essential part of a trendy interior.

What is the most enjoyable part of planting for you?

V.G.: I keep houseplants to enhance my interior décor. Green plants and bright flowers revive any interior.

Do you subscribe to the opinion that plants and flowers should be in every house?

V.G.: I think that plants should be in places where they are loved. They can enhance any space, but you have to look after them.

What is the role of plants in your home?

V.G.: For me plants are mainly for the decoration of interiors and landscapes. However there is also an educational component; my children have learned to take care of the plants, control the float level and water their own plants. I think this is a useful skill which will benefit them as they get older.

Do you place plants outside during the spring-autumn period?

V.G.: Yes, my garden is decorated with Geraniums and Petunias in LECHUZA outdoor flower pots.

Do you use tips and recommendations from florists or the internet, or just go with your gut and trust your own feelings?

V.G.: Flower-growing is not the main activity in my life so I don’t spend as much time on it as I want to, and so I keep it simple. My own level of knowledge is quite enough for what I do currently.

Where do you prefer to buy new plants?

V.G.: I prefer to visit garden centres. They offer a wide range of plants and low affordable prices.

What suggestions can you give our readers, if they want to grow their own plants at home?

V.G.: Start with Orchids. They don’t need much care, but the flowers are so beautiful, they last a long time and they come back again and again.

What advice can you give to a reader who is thinking of buying a LECHUZA SELF-WATERING PLANTER?

V.G.: You should buy them. They are a bit expensive, and I pause to think before every purchase. But then I buy the planter because I just enjoy using it. They make plant care so much easier.

Column written by: GetPotted.com

Margaret Wilson
I'm a Content Editor and a Brand Contributor with a focus on the gardens and lifestyle. I write articles for Getpotted.com where I cover flower pots, plants and other subjects
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