How to use large outdoor planters?

How to use large outdoor planters?

Large flower pots are a great choice for outdoor areas. You can create unique flower arrangements and it will look very cool. The modern market offers a large selection of flower planters for any purpose. These can be not only small desktop types but also window planter boxes and other containers. Any plant can be grown in a stunning flower pot. If you have a large yard, put in a few large pots to create a more inviting atmosphere.

What are the large planters?

You can find big flower pots but there are also large ones and even jumbo sizes. Large types start at 16 inches in diameter, and some types start at 30 inches. Choose fr om different shapes and designs: tapered at the top, round, square, trapezoidal and so on. But it's not the size that makes a good pot, it's the material that matters as well. Outdoor pots stand in the sun and are exposed to various weather conditions. The most popular are fiberstone, ceramic, cement and wood.

What plants like big pots?

Of course, you can find any use for large flower pots, but the very first thing is growing plants. It is best to choose types with a large root system that needs extra space in the ground. But there are certain plants that need a large flower container:

  • All types of palms.
  • Ficuses.
  • Bamboo.
  • Oleander.
  • Hibiscus.
  • Monstera.
  • Philodendron.
  • Yucca.
  • Cordillina and others.

Study the features of your plant or ornamental tree to choose the right planter. It should be a quality material that will be resistant to temperature changes. You don't have to worry about the wind, the huge flower pots will be filled with soil so they will become more stable. You can mix and match planter sizes to create creative flower arrangements.

Why growers choose large pots?

Outside, you are free to choose flower pots and plants. Many flower growers prefer to grow ornamental trees or large plants. A large flower pot is very convenient because it accommodates a large root system. Also, outdoor plants grow more actively than indoor plants. Only you can decide how to use these flower pots. This is not only the cultivation of plants but also, for example, the creation of a hedge.

The most inexpensive and convenient option is plastic pots. Even if it is huge, you benefit from light weight. The plastic pot will be filled with potting soil but it will be relatively easy to move it to another location. Plastic pots are also beautiful and durable because they are made of modern quality plastic. If you choose wood types make sure the material has a special cover.

There are quite a few uses for large flower pots. Rectangular types can be grouped and used as seedling beds. Some decorators offer large oval flower pots as impromptu patio fireplaces. If you are a rather creative person, then you can connect filters and a pump to make a garden fountain. Combine several large pots in a cascade and you will get a small waterfall.

Where to put large outdoor flower pots?

This size is best used in the yard, but you can also place this in the garden, on stairs, garden paths, decks, porches, or by the pool. Even if your garden is densely overgrown with trees, a couple of large flowerpots with bright plants will add a certain comfort. There are design ideas wh ere such pots are placed near the garden swing to relax, rest and enjoy the aroma of blooming flowers.

Choose the size of the pot according to the size of the outdoor space. Too big pot will "steal" a place in a small area. If your garden is big, then large pots will only emphasize its scale. It is also important to remember that the design of outdoor flowerpots should not be brighter than the flower arrangements that are planted in your garden.

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