How To Take Care of Your Houseplants in Winter!

How To Take Care of Your Houseplants in Winter!

How To Take Care of Your Houseplants in Winter!

Cold weather can cause damage to your houseplants in ways that you couldn’t even imagine, and winter is one of the easiest times of year to kill your houseplants. At, we’re here to bring you a few tips on how you can take care of your plants this winter, to keep them in tip top condition.


Whilst you might think that the cold weather outside will not impact on the plants that are indoors, the heating in your home can have an impact on the plants as this can significantly affect the atmosphere. You should adjust the temperature, and whilst the most important thing is your comfort, you must be considerate of the houseplants you have.

One top tip is to avoid placing plants near cold drafts and heat sources, and you should keep plants several inches away from windows on the ledge.


There is limited amount of daylight hours over the winter months, and this can mean your plants will feel the impact of this. Light levels near windows can drop up to 50% and this means that you might have to move your plants around the house to get the optimum light to them throughout the winter months.

You should look to wash dust off any plants so leaves are at their optimal use to garner light, as well as cleaning windows to ensure that light can effectively get through. Plants should be positioned 4 to 12 inches away from plants for effective results if you are looking to provide artificial light to any plants in your house.


With so much going on over the festive period, it can be easy to forget to water some houseplants, investing in a self-watering planter will allow this to become one less thing to worry about over one of the busiest times of year. A best self-watering planter can give you peace of mind that your plants will be taken care of for up to 12 weeks!

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