How to make a plastic planter look like stone?

How to make a plastic planter look like stone?

Stone flower pots look very beautiful, fashionable and stylish. But such material is often expensive, although it has a high rate of strength and durability. The best option is to purchase a plastic planter and make an imitation of a stone. Even if you have large or small square plastic flower pots, you can transform them and make them look like a stone. We will share cool ideas on how to make such a process and what materials are needed for this.

Preparing to work with a pot

First we need to choose the material that we will apply to the plastic pot. Gypsum is most commonly used because it dries quickly and has good strength. Your pot will not crack after drying and it will be resistant to temperature changes. Another option is patching plaster but this takes a long time to dry and shrinks as it dries. Some people have tried using Plaster of Paris but the material is too brittle (pieces will break off when it dries).

Now we need to prepare the necessary tools. You will need a plastic pot, plaster (if you choose this material), a paintbrush, spray paint, and acrylic paint of any color. Prepare the work area, it is best to do this in the yard. There should be enough space so that you can spray the aerosol. Also take gloves.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an imitation stone pot

Now you are ready to create a unique flower pot that will look like a rock. All materials and tools are ready and we can start work. A simple step-by-step instruction will be very useful so that you do not forget anything.

  1. You have a plastic pot. It is best to take white or light colors.
  2. Prepare your plaster mix. Or any other coating material of your choice.
  3. Use a spatula to apply putty or plaster to the pot. It's not hard and you don't have to smooth out the bumps. This will give the pot a more natural texture.
  4. You can add additional layers to make the pot have corners and bulges.
  5. Wait for the coating material to dry (it will turn white). If the color is gray, then the material is still wet.
  6. Now you need to cover the pot with spray paint. You can add more layers or erase specific areas. This will make the color of the pot more similar to the natural shades of the stone. Here you can take brown, gray, black and other colors.

Wait for the paint to dry and enjoy your project. It is very difficult to spoil such a pot even if you work with paints. Add creams and browns to simulate dirt on stone. The whole process takes several hours plus the waiting time for the coating to dry. Put such a pot on the veranda, porch, in the gazebo or in the yard. It will look very natural and stylish. Also, these pots go well with wooden boxes.

What plants look cool in stone pots?

A good solution would be plants with large bright flowers. These can be bush types or plants with long trunks. The plastic pot is quite stable with soil so the plants can be large. If you have small planters, then it is better to grow cacti or succulents. Some gardeners make imitation stone to grow herbs (basil, parsley or celery).

Of course, there are no fixed rules here. There are certain plants and flowers that are ideal for stone-type pots. Choose appropriately sized plants with an appropriately sized root system. For example, bamboo looks great in wooden planters. Palm trees prefer ceramic or plastic types. The imitation stone pot is a fairly versatile choice for the garden and yard. It doesn't depend on size.

Create unique flower pot designs without even spending a lot of money. Some materials are very affordable and you can use your imagination. Plastic planters may seem boring to you and their excellent transformation is an imitation of stone.

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