Avoid these Common Mistakes when Caring for Your Indoor Houseplant

Avoid these Common Mistakes when Caring for Your Indoor Houseplant

Having indoor houseplants can brighten up your home and create a lively environment for your friends and family to enjoy. Aside from the health benefits that plants can provide, indoor houseplants can turn your home into a more welcoming, colourful and homely place. However, they do require an element of care. It’s important to know how to look after your plants so that they last, and so you can get the most out of them. Here at GetPotted we offer a few tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Not picking the right plants in the first place

Many people will buy houseplants without doing much research, instead opting for plants that look nice or complement their existing decor. It’s vital that you carry out some research first to discover which houseplants will thrive in your home, so that you have the best chance of your plants surviving. Some of the best indoor houseplants to include in your home include the snake plant, aloe and rubber plant. Not only do they look great, but they flourish when grown indoors too.

Under or over-watering

This is possibly one of the most common mistakes when caring for indoor plants. Many people end up being too cautious and under-watering their plants, for fear of over-watering them. As a rule, the soil should never be completely dry, but it also shouldn’t be soaking wet; it’s important that you find a happy medium. Watering your plants once or twice a week may be sufficient, however it does depend on the size of the pot and the temperature of the room!

Under or over-watering

Not choosing the correct planter

Making sure your plants are in the correct planter can be as important as watering them. You should remember to change plant pots as your plant grows bigger. If you can see the roots growing out of the bottom of the planter, it’s time to choose a bigger container. However, you should be careful in going overboard. Don’t choose a planter that is too big, otherwise it will hold too much water and the roots could be at risk of rotting.

Not pruning your plants

Pruning, or pinching, your indoor houseplants can help them to look healthier. It can also discourage pests and diseases, so your plants are likely to last longer too. Cutting off dead stems or branches is important as they can attract funghi. You should also remove brown or yellow leaves as they can decay and lead to disease. You might also want to consider dusting the leaves as this can help them get the necessary exposure to light.

Next time you’re looking for indoor houseplants, bear in mind these common mistakes and remember how you can avoid them!

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