15 front garden ideas

15 front garden ideas

No doubt, a beautiful front garden is capable of transforming the look of your house. In today's selection of front garden design ideas, I would like to focus your attention on the nuances of how, with the help of trifles and improvised materials, to make by your own hands a beautiful palisade in front of your house.

1. Boxes of flowers on the windows and border flower beds

 Boxes of flowers on the windows

The simplest, and at the same time, the most beautiful solutions for your front garden are the creation of a curb flowerbed along the walls, coupled with the installation of hanging boxes with flowers under the windows.

2. A flower bed in front of the house and a small fountain

 A flower bed in front of the house

An additional decorative element for your front-of-house flower bed is a fountain. The sound of running water soothes and relaxes, and the overall impression of your palisade will be much brighter.

3. Flower beds - flowers in a wheelbarrow

 Flower beds - flowers in a wheelbarrow

A variety of plants, installed in decorative wheelbarrows, will give your front garden a cozy, comfortable environment.

4. Framing the curb of the bush path

 Framing the curb of the bush path

The path leading from the entrance gate to your front door can be decorated with bushes, which can during their lifetime be sheared at your discretion.

5. All-season plants for your front garden

 All-season plants

A beautiful approach to your home’s entrance can be maintained year-round if you plant both coniferous, and bright-leafed and flowering plants. Follow this advice, and you’ll always have a smart and beautiful site.

6. Flower beds for changing the exposure

 Flower beds for changing the exposure

Regular renewal of your flowerbed is possible should you use outdoor pots or pot installations. You will always have a bright blossoming front garden in which faded plants regularly replaced by blossoming ones.

7. Low-grown conifers and bright shrubs

 Low-grown conifers and bright shrubs

A perfect solution for those who want to bring beauty is to place near the front of the garden stunted conifers in combination with brightly flowering shrubs or with beautifully-colored hybrids.

8. A simple curb with lanterns near the path

 A simple curb with lanterns near the path

A simple idea: a lawn and path, framed by a simple curb with plants and lanterns.

9. Hosts and hydrangeas

 Hosts and hydrangeas

In those cases when your front garden faces north, we recommend planting shade-resistant plants, such as a host. In combination with hydrangeas this will be a very interesting solution.

10. Flowering hanging pots

 Flowering hanging pots

If you have an outdoor terrace or veranda, the building's facade can be decorated with hanging flower pots containing petunias that bloom almost all summer.

11. Combination of curbs and topiary

 Combination of curbs and topiary

It does not matter in which climatic zone you live, because by using adapted evergreen plants, you can experience cozy greenery outside the window even in winter.

12. Decor of street lights with flowers

 Decor of street lights with flowers

Sometimes flower-framed lanterns can serve as complete compositions that require no special additions.

13. Old trees in business

 Old trees in business

Another example of using old trees is to use high cut stumps, with tubs placed on wooden stands.

14. Bowls with flowers on pedestals

Bowls with flowers on pedestals

An example of a stone pedestal on which a bowl of flowers is mounted. Of course, such installations require regular watering, but they also supply generous amounts of beauty!

15. Green Geometry

 Green Geometry

Beautifully decorate the home’s front garden in a non-standard fashion. The photo shows a geometric version of a landscape design in the diagonal plane.

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