The Best Potted Plants for the Outdoors in Winter

The Best Potted Plants for the Outdoors in Winter

Many gardens will take a turn for the worse during the winter months, often looking a little bare and dull. With soil not always in the best condition and the winter frost being too much for a lot of plants, you might need to look for alternative options. There are plenty of plants that can survive the harshest of winters, you just have to do a little research!

Plants may benefit from being put in containers for the winter months, so bear this in mind! Potted plants are less likely to spread disease, can be moved around the garden for maximum sunlight and are more protected from the wildlife.

So, what should you choose for your winter garden? The perfect way to brighten up your garden. have the selection you’ve been looking for.

Advice for looking after winter plants

Potted plants placed outside for the winter can be at risk of frost, which can sometimes result in dead roots. There are many tips you can follow to make sure that your potted plants make it through the winter. If there is a heavy frost forecast, simply move your plants to an area that is more sheltered. Alternatively, you can wrap the container in bubble wrap to protect it! Pushing the pots against the wall of your home may also help.

Plants in medium pots

Remember it is not necessary to feed container plants in the winter!

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