Japanese garden - basic elements of style

Japanese garden - basic elements of style

Traditional Japanese landscaped gardens are designed for peaceful, focused contemplation of the beauty of nature.

Japanese landscaped gardens are simple. The design of the Japanese garden utilizes four basic elements:

  • stones
  • water plants
  • ornaments

When choosing and organizing these elements in the harmonious space of a Japanese garden, do not forget the basic principles: asymmetry, overflow, naturalness, balance and symbolism.

Some general principles to consider when planning a garden in the Japanese style include:

  • Choose simple natural materials, such as gravel, stone and concrete
  • Soften sharp edges, avoid straight lines
  • Choose the right plants, pay attention to evergreens; utilize different sizes and textures
  • Stones in the Japanese garden should be in abundance
  • Stone lanterns and rain chains are an inseparable decoration of the eastern garden In a proper Japanese garden there must be abundant water
  • The atmosphere must be calm, allowing for contemplation, therefore you should avoid bright acid colors -- only natural shades
  • In a true Japanese garden there must be a bridge (real or stylized) and a well

These are basic, foundational rules. But we mustn’t forget the practical considerations of the actual installation. Along these lines, let’s look at some step by step practical instructions for creating a Japanese garden.

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