Outdoor Planters Buying Guide

Outdoor Planters Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Plant Pots

Whether creating an inviting, outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining; exploring container gardening or revamping your home's exterior decor, displaying your favourite botanicals in outdoor planters is a good choice for any outside space. Outdoor plant pots can enhance your exterior by creating borders, dividing spaces and adding some privacy to your vicinity.

Size matters when choosing large outdoor planters

Arranged container trees and shrubs in large outdoor plant pots can really add character to your landscape, but always consider how big your plant will eventually grow when buying large outdoor planters. A garden planter that is too small for the plant can cause damage to its roots and cut off moisture, while outdoor pots that are too large can become waterlogged.

The size and dimensions of your space are also important points for consideration. Large outdoor plant pots look wonderful in spacious garden areas, whilst hanging planters are perfect for less capacious spacesand lend aesthetic touches without claiming too much real-estate. In our online shop, planter sizes are usually shown in 'cm' in reference to width, height and diameter.

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