Large Planters Buying Guide

Large Planters Buying Guide

How to Buy Large and Tall Planters

Whether its large trough planters or tall pots for garden, large plant pots can act as a bold feature in your interior or a focal point for your spaces.

For a visually striking display, use one or several large garden pots of good volume that can accommodate the roots of your plants comfortably. Large planters can easily accommodate enough soil for plants to establish themselves and maintain their look without excessive hassle. Less sizable containers can also deliver stunning looks, but with them comes the necessity of more frequent watering and feeding compared to large garden pots.

Choosing the right size for my large plant pots

The sheer variety of large garden pots could be causing you some indecisiveness about sizes. When choosing large planters, one idea is to use the rule of thirds, which is based on the agreed upon most visually-pleasing proportion and is used in both interior and exterior design. First, visualize your desired container along with the type and height of plant you have in mind. Your plant container should occupy either one or two thirds of the total height.

Fabulous-looking large plant pots

Deciding which material to choose

Fabulous-looking large plant pots needn't be overly costly, although there are many super blarge garden planters that hold a higher price tag. The desire for large planters in metal, clay, wood or stone appearance doesn't mean you can't benefit from more durable and lightweight solutions for a fraction of the price. At online shop you can order fiberstone, polystone, fibreglass or plastic large trough planters and garden pots that faithfully imitate the look of natural materials. Light and movable, they require almost no maintenance and can withstand extreme weather conditions for many years. Produced in the UK, they are made of the highest quality materials and undergo strict quality control. Just read the reviews about the materials and consider the styling, functionality and price that suits you.

Large garden planters

Keeping plants looking stunning in large garden planters

With large garden planters it’s important to make sure that your plants are optimally watered by ensuring that some water is expelled via drainage holes in the bottom of your pot. Additionally, always ensure that your large plant pots have sufficient drainage as failure to do so could lead to rot in your plant roots. Creating further drainage outlets is easy to achieve by drilling or carving extra holes into the base, however, it’s better to buy large plant pots already fit for purpose.

To keep your large garden planters photo worthy, always remove dead flowers, thereby encouraging more growth. Don’t forget to fertilize your large garden pots regularly throughout the growing season.

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