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Window Plants Ideas 2018

Fresh ideas about what to grow and how to make flower arrangements for your windows

Urban residents constantly dream of unity with nature. But before you go to the garden center and buy up seedlings, you need to ask yourself: for what purpose am I growing my micro-garden? In addition to beauty, there are several alternatives.

Change the landscape outside the window

Not all of us have windows overlooking the pond or garden. With the help of a little vegetation, you can create an attractive barrier between your interior and the parking lot outside. In such situations, consider this or boxwood to be displayed in rows just outside your window. At the end of autumn, such plants can be taken indoors where they can easily be sustained during the winter.

Use of cereals

Use of cereals

Within the philosophy of landscape design, minimalism is, first and foremost, a rejection of the riot of colors and uncontrolled spontaneous plantings in favor of assembling monochrome plants that combine interesting shapes and textures. Any grass or sedge, planted by themselves or in combination with wildflowers, will look unusual and fashionable. Osoki and other upright grains, in combination with non-bulky field flowers, look great against backgrounds of bright brickwork, or on light stucco facades. However, if you live in a house with a facade of inexpressive color, such a composition risks "getting lost" against its background. In this case, only color will save you.




Add Colors

Add Colors

If you like bright colors, plant a balcony box with one or more kinds of plants with a long and lush bloom. Several possibilities include:

  1. 1. Petunia
  2. 2. Pansies
  3. 3. Pelargonium
  4. 4. Ageratum
  5. 5. Lubelia
  6. 6. Chernovrivtsi
  7. 7. Nasturtium

Combining upright, curly and ampel plants in one pot, you can achieve excellent visual diversity.




Spicy herbs, unlike lavender, need abundant watering. Lavender loves the sun and well drained soil, so growing them in individual pots makes it possible to create special comfortable conditions for each plant. Contrary to popular belief, lavender grows well in the house. The key things to remember are to cut it off after flowering before taking it indoors, and that after wintering in the apartment it is more difficult to transplant into a pot and move back outside into the sun.





What if there is not enough time?

Urban micro-garden

Sometimes reality collides with the desire to have your own urban micro-garden. Lack of time and a busy schedule can often interfere with your dream. If this is the case, we recommend you choose self-watering planters, such as LECHUZA BALCONERA Cottage or LECHUZA BALCONERA Color.

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