How to take care of your plants in February

How to take care of your plants in February

Main Advices How to Take Care of House Plants in February

Indoor plants are beginning to wake up from their winter rest. It's time to put them in order. Use a warm damp sponge to remove dust, which clogs pores, from the dense large leaves. Rinse smaller leaves under the shower. Dust cacti and succulents and plants with hairy leaves using a brush.

Spray the leaves of potted palms, paying special attention to the inside to prevent infestations of red spider mites. The leaves should be dry before nightfall.

Prepare in advance for the spring repotting of plants. Make sure to purchase all necessary planters or pots for home garden, substrates, expanded clay for drainage, supports, trays and fertilizer. In February you can buy azaleas, cyclamens and primroses. They will bloom longer if moved into a cool room at night.

Reduce the temperature of heaters at night: it will make the plants feel better. Do not spray the velvet leaves of violets and begonias. Rotate pots with flowers for uniform lighting. Gradually increase the frequency and amount of watering. Most moisture-loving plants should receive water twice a week in February.

Gradually resume active watering of cacti and succulents. Use non-calcareous water to irrigate gardenias, azaleas and ferns.

Separate the shrubs at repotting if they do not have enough space in the pot. Regularly ventilate the room, but continue to protect plants from cold drafts and sharp drops in temperature. With climbing plants, cut the shoots with no leaves and provide a support for the longest stems.

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