How to Take Care of Your plants in December

How to Take Care of Your plants in December

Main Advices How to Take Care of House Plants in December

It is the midst of the winter with short days, low light, and excessively dry air for the houseplants. In December, a humidifier is particularly important to provide increased air humidity. It's time to create a New Year's red-green arrangement of red amaryllis, poinsettia, ardisia and plants with dark green leaves. In mid-December grains of exotic fruits (citrus and date palm) can be planted in a mini-greenhouse.

If you arrange your potted plants side by side, do not place them so close to each other that they block one another’s light. Arrange them such that air can pass freely between them. Regularly remove any yellowed or dried leaves, and prune overgrown or weakened shoots to keep the plants permanently beautiful.

Increase the humidity of the air, but do not wet the leaves too much. If the flower bulbs have produced sprouts, place them closer to the light. At night, reduce the temperature of the room a bit, giving the plants a little break.

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