How to make outdoor plastic plant pots look nice?

How to make outdoor plastic plant pots look nice?

Every flower lover carefully chooses flower pots. But over time, they seem boring, lose their brightness and saturation of colors. If we consider plastic outdoor pots, then many flower growers often change their style than buy new types and designs. If your plastic palm tree planter doesn't seem beautiful, it's time to make it prettier. You can find many creative ideas that are inexpensive and will make your plastic pots unique. Turn on your creativity, collect all the beads, ribbons, glue, scissors and other elements that will help you to create.

10 Creative DIY Pot Designs

We have selected the nicest ideas on how to make outdoor flower pots fresher and brighter. There are many authentic decors and many of them you can make in your backyard. Create a unique design that will make your garden exclusive. You don't need complex steps or expensive tools to do this.

  1. Take some white spray paint and cover all your planters. You should wait for the paint to dry. Now you need a medium thickness rope or bundle. Wrap it around the pot completely or selectively (for example, in the middle). You can close the voids with homemade fabric flowers.
  2. Take multi-colored ribbons and connect it together. You can braid or make many knots. Wrap the flower pots and finish on top. Use glue, the end of the ribbons can be decorated with a large bow.
  3. Take green paint and gold ribbons. This is a beautiful combination especially for outdoor pots. The green color is in perfect harmony in the yard with plants, the golden color will shimmer beautifully in the sun. Cover the pot with paint, ribbons can be tied randomly.
  4. Take the foil and crumple it up. Now you should cover the planter with purple spray paint. While the paint is not dry, take the foil and touch the pot. This will create a rippled effect.
  5. Take white lace pieces, long strips of medium thickness are best. Glue the lace to the pot all the way down the middle. This creates a cozier design even if your pot is a standard brown.
  6. Take large beads or decorative stones. Use glue to cover the surface of the planter with pebbles and beads. Even if you use large buttons, it will look very cool.
  7. Take black spray paint and cover the entire surface of the pot. Now you need white paint and a brush. The idea is to make a starry sky. Draw stars of different sizes. Then dip the brush into the paint and run your finger over it so that the splatter falls onto the black pot.
  8. Take yarn and knitting needles. If you like to knit then make a bag for your pot. You can combine different colors. A knitted headband or a fully covered pot will look warm and gentle.
  9. Take a decorative chain. You can find this at any fabric and accessory store. A thick chain looks just as interesting as a thin and medium one. Wrap this around the pot and secure underneath. If the chain is not enough, then add small locks with keys to the links.
  10. Take seashells and other nautical-themed decorative items. It can be pebbles, plastic starfish, seahorses, fish and so on. Cover the pot with blue paint. Yellow color will also look interesting. Glue all the details over the entire surface of the pot. Empty spaces can be filled with a pattern in the form of algae.

You are lucky if you have artistic talent. Just a few cans of paint and 3-4 brushes of different thicknesses to draw unique patterns. You can also use pieces of broken glass or shingles. Glue this to the plastic and get an authentic decor that will look beautiful on the veranda or terrace. For home decor, whatever you find will do. Don't be afraid to experiment with styles, colors and patterns. Any decor will be amazing because you make it with your own hands and put a part of your heart into this work.

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